Dee Watts, RN

Dee Watts
Dee Watts

Who, who, who is this person De-Owl-Woman? I have many names! My mother calls me Delores (name meaning “one who takes the pain”), my friends call me Dee, in Africa they called me Naphira (daughter of the mountain), some even call me “Mama Dee”, but  my spirit name is Owl Woman. Spirit gave me this name in a vision and Owl has been with me every since. We are Owl Medicine.This woman of many names also has many titles. I am daughter, sister, mother, friend, student, teacher, nurse and Shamanic Practitioner. No, I am not a Shaman, that role is for a select few. However, I do utilize tools that have traditionally been considered to be Shamanic skills and techniques.  My role as a Shamanic Practitioner is to be the hollow bone in which to allow Spirit to channel through me to help you, help yourself. Sometimes we (Spirit in my body) find blocks that need removed or opened up, or maybe a Soul Retrieval is necessary. We can extract intruders that are not wanted or needed. We can retrieve your power animal or we may find an old wound from a past life that needs to be addressed. We see what others don’t see and hear what is not being said out loud.

ISA, ISA, ISA…I say three times because it took me three times to finally stay. My first encounter with the Institute of Shamanic Arts was in 2002. My guide lead me to Quynn but my job took me away. Only to return exactly a year later in 2003, yearning for the beat of the drumming circles. My cry for a teacher lead me back to Quynn and her unique ways of Shamanism. She once said, “Spirit teaches you who you are if you will only listen. Your greatest teacher is yourself.” How true those words were if only I had listened. But no the cry for a teacher was more intense than ever and once again I left Tucson. Only to be brought back a third time 9 years later. Here I am back in ISA’s arms. But now I am ready. Now I am the student and the teacher. Now I wish to be healed and am the healer.

My travels have taken me far and wide to the ends of Mother Earth learning natural medicine in Africa. Learning love of life, culture, and spiritual enchantment in the Virgin Islands. I crossed lake Atatlan in Guatemala surrounded by extinct volcanoes to learn Trance Dance and Tantric Shamanism. I lived in an open air hut in the jungle of Belize to listen to my Mayan ancestors. I am a registered member of the Chinook and Quinault tribes in Oregon and Washington, a Sun-dancer, and the tree is my healer. They have all taught me well.

I am Owl Medicine. I live in both worlds. Come fly with me, Ms De-Owl-Woman!


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  1. Wendy Fiorini Posted on August 6, 2011 at 12:29 am

    It’s good to see you happy, my friend.

  2. debbi cooper Posted on August 17, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    Ah, Dee,

    So full of strength and love. Owl woman extrodinare. Many blessings on your journey. Peace/

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