A Tribe of One Training TUCSON-An Introduction to Express your Shamanic Self-July August 2017

cover smallFive sessions with Quynn Red Mountain- Wednesdays July 12, 19, 26, August 2 and 9. 6-8:30pm
Location:  Our Nest  35 E Toole Ave downtown Tucson

Explore your shamanic nature, ancestry and abilities so you can become a confident Tribe of One. As you strengthen your connection to your Spirit Tribe, they teach  you how to be a strong Tribe of One, so you can be of service to Self and Community.

We meet every two weeks for 5 sessions. Each session builds on the other, as we focus on a different chapter of her book “A Tribe of One”. In each chapter Quynn shares stories, along with exercises for personal healing growth and shamanic exploration. In each session will include a guided meditation and drum journey to explore each person’s Tribe of One-ness.

Each session of this series highlights the following subjects/chapters (in order) to activate and unearth the Shamanic Self of each participant. We use the stories/examples in the book, rhythm, the shamanic journey, journaling and sharing as our discovery tools. This training is a foundation series for anyone wanting to go on in their shamanic intuitive training with Quynn. This series is open to those with shamanic experience, as well as those who are new to this amazing world of Shamana.

Bring a journal or notebook so that you can write after each journey.
Chapter/Session topics:

Session 1: Chapter One and Introduction…: Shamanizing in the Modern World,
“Shamana”, The Calling, Examining our Past, Taming the Spirits, Connecting with Guides, A Time of Never Before

Session 2: Chapter Two: Exploring your Inner Wilderness…
Quieting the Mind, The Strength of the Imagination, Inner World Exploration
The Shamanic Journey

Session 3: Chapter Three: Healing the Past…
Exploration leads to Healing, The Past is the Past, Healing Helpers, Backyard Magic, The Sad Years, Family Stories, Ancestral Healing

Session Four- Chapter Four: Connecting with the World Around You…
Creating Sacred Space, Calling a Circle, Connecting with Natural Time,
Tapping the Wisdom of the Body, Nature Loves Me

Session 5- Chapter Five: Getting Answers and Conclusion…
Your Old Friend “Intuition”,The Power of your Dream World,
The Art of Divination, Synchronicity, A New World, Paying it Forward

There will be some shamanic journey/meditation/writing ‘homework’, based on the book, in between meetings.


A Tribe of One is a refreshing take on the subject of contemporary issues and healing modalities associated with modern shamanic practitioners. Approaching the aspect that if one can heal oneself, then by extension one can then start to impact the world as we know it, in a way to bring about healing of the world. Spare prose that carries one hell of a wallop that honors what has gone on before but is not bound by it.        Testimonial from Amazon.com


Donation for this 15 hour series is: $95  (half payments can be made to Quynn- email her for details)
INCLUDES”A Tribe of One” E Course ($29)

Donation is $66 for those who already have purchased and downloaded the E-Course


When I discovered A Tribe Of One, and the concept of Shamana, it kind of completed me, and I feel it summed up a lifetime of searching. For that, you have my eternal gratitude.” Quote from a “Tribe of One” Training Participant