CIRCLE OF HEALERS Shamanic Practitioning Techniques-Level 2


4 Sundays-  June 4 2017, July 2, August 6, September 3  11am-4:30pm (participation in all sessions is expected)

“A Circle of Healers” provides an opportunity, with the guidance of Quynn and her Guardians,  to consult and connect with your personal and ancestral Spirit Teachers to explore the ways in which the following healing aspects can assist you as a healing facilitator. We will connect through the shamanic journey, group rhythm/sound, journal writing, and sharing “sessions” within the group and in the community to do this work.

This series is for anyone who is already working in the community, as a healing facilitator, a metaphysical artist, a teacher, a body/light worker, “one who tends others”, whether “paid” or not.

Thru our Helping Spirits, the following techniques will be approached:

Balancing, Retrieving, Restoring and Sounding

*This training does not make you a “shaman” or a “shamanic practitioner”.  Quynn shares 4 specific techniques that can be incorporated into your existing healing practice.

In the company of other life travelers, tune in to your intuitive abilities, hone your offerings, and receive needed messages about your healing practice NOW.  Your personal and ancestral Spirit Teachers will instruct you, so that you can take what you learn back out into your community.

This series is open to people with varying levels of shamanic journeying experience, however, each participant should feel comfortable with their journeying ability and already have training in at least one modality. If you have any questions, contact Quynn.

The sliding scale for this training is $280-$500 for the series ( or $75-$130 per session) depending on financial situation.  There are possible partial trade options,  contact Quynn.


Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts. Quynn was called to shamanize while in her 20s, and has been holding space for others’ journeys since 1998. To find out more about Quynn go to, and ISA, go to