Explore your Inner World-7 Part Online Series with Quynn Red Mountain

Rainbow People! The World needs us to be connected to our Inner World


Expand your ability to Explore your Inner World, with Quynn Red Mountain as your Guide~

Dates: Seven Sundays- July 9, 16, 23 and 30, August 6, 13, 20  2017  10-11:30am MST @ Our Nest 35 E Toole Ave Tucson, and online


600_374535092This experiential and expansive workshop series includes, and follows, the Explore your Spirit World E-Course, created and recorded by Quynn, which includes Seven 1 hour (approx) mp3 workshops that guide you to connect with your own personal Spirit World.
1)Gathering Spirit Guides
2)Your World Tree
3)Your Three Worlds
4)Spirit World Mapping
5)Down the Rabbit Hole-Exploring your Under/Lower World
6)Middle World Navigation and Upper World Blessings
7)Wisdom of the Four Directions
Each week focuses on one of the 7 included workshops.
Find out more about the contents of the course HERE.


This series takes place in Our Nest in Tucson and simultaneously online.  We all meet for 90 minutes each week for 7 weeks. Those who participate online join through www.zoom.us . Questions can be asked and answered.

You will:

  • Learn details about your Spirit World and Guides using the shamanic journey and meditation
  • Expand your ability to travel your realms of consciousness for needed information and healing
  • Receive specific guidance and help from your Ancestors
  • Experience Quynn’s approach to shamanizing, setting intention, and opening/closing the circle
  • Be ready for more!


~Quynn as your Guide~

q-desert-17Quynn was taught by her Spirit Guides how to journey and connect within, and now she helps others connect with their Spirit World in their unique way.

She says “You have a “Spirit World” that has been with you since before you were born. Your Ancestors and Guides in Spirit form are available to help you, to guide you, and to be with you when you need them.  We can access them through calm mind, meditation, and by listening to a consistent rhythm (shamanic journey). ”

The Shamanic Journey is the cornerstone of Shamanic Practice for all people around the world. To consciously enter the spirit world/inner world/dreaming mind while listening to consistent rhythm ( including dancing or singing), allows us to access the realms that are generally available to little children, our dreamstate, and as we prepare to pass from this life.  The “simple” act of focusing inward, and listening for those that are already waiting for you, is like coming Home.  These inner teachers, healers, guides and guardians have been with you since before you were born.  All the world’s Native traditions, including your own, tell us so.We have animals, ancestors, angels, and wise ones who want to help us heal old wounds, and activate our authentic self.


In each live session, as well as in each audio mp3 workshop, Quynn guides you within yourself to ask questions, set intentions, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides for answers and help you need NOW. Quynn’s rattle and drumbeats will part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.


Dates:  Seven Sundays- July 9, 16, 23 and 30, August 6, 13, 20  10-11:30am MST

You are able to ask questions and share during the audio meetings. Each meeting is recorded for those who cannot attend live. In these 90 minute meetings we contemplate and explore the subjects explored in the workshop in focus. There is a guided meditation and drum journey during each meeting, designed to help you understand and explore your Spirit World in your own way.


This Series includes:
  • Seven 90 minute group meetings with Quynn (in Tucson and as interactive Live Online meeting)
  • Recordings of 7 live online meetings
  • The “Explore your Spirit World” E-Course, downloadable as a zip file that contains multimedia (audio, video and pdf files)
    • 7 hours of audio workshops, that you can listen to at your own pace, and again
    • A drum track for your own journeys
    • A drum journey “Your Three Worlds”
    • A 10 minute welcome video with Quynn
  • Guidance, prompts and feedback with Quynn  during meetings
  • Independent study of each workshop between live sessions (1-2 hours a week)
  • 20% off personal sessions with Quynn throughout the 7 weeks


This series is perfect for beginners, as well as those with journeying experience in a particular tradition, and would like to expand their skills of inner world traveling. All are welcome to participate!


Donation:  $99.00   Includes “Explore your Spirit World E-Course”
                         $80  If you have already purchased the Full E-course (not the free intro)


Quynn Red Mountain was called by her Spirit World to this path 20 years ago.  Her guides call her OOlah, which means “One Who Balances”.  Quynn is a shamanic practitioner, founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts, and Web of Life Animist Minister. Quynn is not a therapist and does not claim to speak for, or as, anyone but herself.  


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