Owl and Butterfly Health Support

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Welcome to Owl and Butterfly Health Support.  We are Dee Owl Woman, and Quynn Red Mountain, of Earth Web Media. We have created a Health Support Ministry and we offer:
-Shamanically oriented Health Support Services
-Classes and Retreats
(Clearing, Cord Cutting, Rites of Passage)

-Personal Healing Sessions

We provide Mind, Body and Soul Health Care to People who consider themselves “Spiritual but not Religious”.

As Spiritual People we know that the Mind, Body and Soul are connected, and that the more Whole we feel, the more Health we have.

While we are in Bodies on this beautiful Earth, we can ask our Souls to share the wisdom needed to address dis-ease, sadness, regret and anger in our Mental, Emotional and Energetic Bodies, so that our natural Well Being and Wholeness can be felt more clearly in our Souls.

Dee-Animist Healer, Minister and Nurse

As Animists we experience the world as an energetic connection of many Spirits in different forms.  Humans are one form of Spirit embodied.  We can, and do, ask for help from Spirits that want to aid in your healing process.  Ancestors, Animals, Spirit Guides, Nature Spirits and many forms of Light and Vibration are all available to you upon request and need.

It is our intention to honor you in your unique walk of Mind, Body and Soul Health, and to assist in ways that are helpful.  We create a conscious and reverent healing environment and your healing process guides the work that we do together.

Owl and Butterfly is the Health Support Ministry of Earth Web Media, an Animist Church.

Quynn-Shamanic Practitioner, Animist Minister and OOlah (One who Balances)


Find out about our services at www.owlandbutterflyhealth.com