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Powers of Protection Workshop-Audio Journey Club

Shamanic Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. 2 journeys. 56 minutes. This circle is about the Power of Protection.  Use the shamanic journey to explore your own internal and external protective guides, and powers.   Protecting oneself is an essential ingredient in life. In this circle you will use divination and the shamanic journey to learn…

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Audio Journey Club-Raven Journey

This drum journey includes sounds of Ravens.  Let the drum take you to Raven, who is a very unique teacher.  :) What does Raven have for you now? Download this episode (right click and save) Not yet a member of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club? You can join for only $10 a month…

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Audio Journey Club-Your Sun Shines Brightly Guided Meditation

This 15 minute guided meditation with wind chime explores the idea that you have a Sun within you.  How do you feel your inner Sun? Ask the Sky Sun for help where you need it in your body and in your life. Download this episode (right click and save) Not a member yet? You can…


Your Greatest Gift Workshop-Audio Journey Club

Shamanic Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. 2 journeys/2 guided meditations. 60 minutes. Shamanic Workshop-Explore your Spiritual and Sacred Abilities Your Intuitive Gifts are already inside you, whispering and waiting for you to give them your attention. They are ready to come forth. As we listen within, our spiritual, intuitive and sacred* (those gifts that help…

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Shamana Strong-Self Care-Animist Storytelling

In this episode of Shamana Strong, she asks her inner teachers about self-care. How can she feel better? Hear her teachers share their “answer”. Shamana Strong is a character that comes to Quynn when she is out in Nature.  This rhyming spiritual seeker shares stories about the voices in her head, and the teachers that…

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Audio Journey Club-Your Balance Point-For Equinox

A special drum journey for the two Equinoxes (Autumn and Spring), and anytime you are feeling out of balance. You can explore the feeling of balance, and your balance point.  What can you learn from Balance, as a teacher, today? Download this episode (right click and save) If you are not yet a member of…

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Exploring Past Lives Shamanic Workshop-Audio Journey Club

Shamanic Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. 2 journeys/2 guided meditations. 58 minutes. Many people feel that past life experiences influence their current life, in known and unknown ways. Getting to the root of a current issue/block/behavior (as well as your sacred ability/calling) might involve connecting with an experience, or series of experiences, from the…

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Connect with the Akashic Records-Audio Journey Club

An 18 minute journey.  Drum and Bell will help you access the Hall of Records, the Sky Bank of Information, the Akashic Records.  Get to know how to engage with it, learn more about it, what it is for YOU.       Download this episode (right click and save) Join the Web of Life…

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An Old Bobcat and a River-Animist Storytelling

Quynn had an experience in 2007 with an old bobcat at a glacial river called the Hoh, and she happened to have her camera with her. This is her telling of the meaningful story. Download this episode (right click and save)   The video of the experience is found here:

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Audio Journey Club-Releasing Worry-Guided Meditation

Worry is a part of Life, but worry is not YOU. In this 15 minute meditation Quynn uses her voice and rattle rhythm to guide you within to feel a guide who can help you move worry out of you, if but for a moment.  Practice moving your own energy/feelings with this meditation. Download this…