Animist Soul Medic Series- Q and A


Greetings! Quynn here=

I have received a number of great questions regarding the upcoming Animist Soul medic program.


Listen to a Soul Medic Intro circle with Quynn!

Soul Medic Intro




Below are my thoughts about the program, for anyone who is curious.

1) Regarding the weekend version -does it start in October? 
The first option to participate in weekend 1 (of 3) is the first weekend of October. There is one final option to participate in weekend 1 of 3 in February. Weekend 2 is offered twice between now and April. Weekend 3 is offered once in April.
 2) Do I have to participate in all three weekends? 
At this point I am open to people participating in what they can. I would rather have someone join for some, rather than none.
3) Regarding the online option (2 hours two Sunday mornings a month for 6 months- Is it only offered online?
People can join live online and be in Our Nest in Tucson as well. These meetings will be recorded and available to those who are committed to participating.
4) Do I have to attend all Sunday meetings live?
I am aware of how busy we all are, so I am ok with someone joining live on Sunday a month and receiving the recording from the second Sunday.
5) Will there be an online group to connect and communicate in between meetings?
Yes. This is a great way to stories and experiences.
6) Can I mix $ donation to Earth Web Media and barter? 
Yes. I am open to seeing how we can create a win/win.
For Elders, I am honored if you want  to participate, and scholarships are available.
There is a page at the website that describes help and things needed –
7) Can I mix and match the two versions (weekends and twice a month)? 

I am open to various possibilities that can suit people’s busy schedules.




8) This last one is more of a statement than a question, and it is important.  An elder stated that she is interested in the content yet has reservations about the following:

-The name-Medic- it feels militaristic. I agree and am open for a different name as it is revealed.

– They stated a desire to approach the series more as a Consciousness Raising Group-Peer to Peer, rather than a teaching situation. 

I totally agree. Each person who participates is a practitioner in your community and the way this will work as intended is if each person in this ongoing circle is a valued as a teacher and mentor in their realm of experience.

I received this download (how I feel the idea and content came to me) and am the caller of the circle, but not a “teacher” in this regard. Each committed person in the circle brings their wisdom and experience.


More questions and comments will come.

Thanks to all who contributed and please ask any questions not included here!


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