Our Stories shared become our combined power.

Our Path of the Labyrinth

The Path of the Labyrinth is a winding one. There are great and simple teachings in a Labyrinth. There are no Tricks, yet it is always possible to lose our way, and then find it again. There is a difference between a Maze (dead ends) and a Labyrinth (no dead ends).  The term labyrinth came…

Connect with the Akashic Records-Audio Journey Club

An 18 minute journey.  Drum and Bell will help you access the Hall of Records, the Sky Bank of Information, the Akashic Records.  Get to know how to engage with it, learn more about it, what it is for YOU.       Download this episode (right click and save) Join the Web of Life…

An Old Bobcat and a River-Animist Storytelling

Quynn had an experience in 2007 with an old bobcat at a glacial river called the Hoh, and she happened to have her camera with her. This is her telling of the meaningful story. Download this episode (right click and save)   The video of the experience is found here:

Hummingbird Wisdom Journey

Listen to an introduction to hummingbird energy for this shamanic journey.  What is Hummingbird’s message of most importance for you now?  Hummer sounds recorded by Quynn. 13 minutes    

Audio Journey Club-Releasing Worry-Guided Meditation

Worry is a part of Life, but worry is not YOU. In this 15 minute meditation Quynn uses her voice and rattle rhythm to guide you within to feel a guide who can help you move worry out of you, if but for a moment.  Practice moving your own energy/feelings with this meditation. Download this…

Shamana Strong-True Voices-Animist Storytelling

Shamana Strong is a spiritual seeker who hears her teachers in her head. This 2 minute audio segment is about Hearing Voices. This rhyming poem/story came into Quynn’s head in the summer of 2009 while staying without electricity on public lands around the western United States. Quynn wrote, recorded and edited this audio.  :)  Enjoy!

Audio Journey Club-Heart Healer Journey

If your heart needs something, allow Quynn’s drumbeats and words guide you into your heart for insights and understandings most needed now. Download this episode (right click and save) You can become a member of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club and receive new shamanic audio with Quynn each week!

Journey Club Reflections

Greetings friends,  Quynn here :) Recently, I have received some great feedback from members of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club recently, so I wanted to share~   A journey from the “Ancestral Goddesses” workshop – Meeting a Healing Goddess. I was waiting for her and got kind of panicky when she didn’t show…

Healing the Ties that Bind Workshop-Audio Journey Club

For most adults, tending the binds, blocks, or pains, caused by ancestral soul wounds, and family trauma, is an essential part of moving beyond pain and connecting with the sacred self.  The “ties that bind” are those family related issues that drag you down, hold you back or compromise your happiness.  You can peck away at…

Ocean and Drum Track-Audio Journey Club

Since this is a 5th Friday, there is no journey this week.  Instead, here is a rhythm track for your journeying/meditating pleasure.  This drum track is blended with the sound of ocean waves.  No words, just rhythm. Use it again and again. Enjoy. Download this episode (right click and save) If you are not yet…