Our Stories shared become our combined power.

Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training begins October 1 2016

Me?! Now?! It is time for the Full Circle Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training Level 1, 2016 Hello Friends! Quynn here :) On Saturday, October 1 2016, another Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training begins in Tucson Arizona.  I have offered this series since 2003 and each one is so unique and beautiful…I am thrilled that it is…

Twilight Wisdom Drum Journey

Twilight is a powerful time. The shifting of day and night, light and dark, sun and moon.  What is the power of Twilight for you and how can it help you in your life? How have you connected with twilight in the past and what is the teaching in it for you now?

The Power of Bone Journey

There is power in Bone. All beings who have bones are connected in this way. Bones hold us up in this life, and connect us to our ancestors.  What do your bones, and Bone in All need you to know right now?

Women’s Communal Healing Ceremony with Evening Primrose

On September 4th, over 20 women gathered for the Women’s Communal Healing Ceremony in Tucson, AZ at the Galactic Center.   The Galactic Center was a safe and nurturing sacred spot for our ceremony as we worked with the energies of Goddess, Warrior, Crone, Creatrix, and Maiden for healing.   Quynn Red Mountain led us…

Guardian of Shadow Drum Journey

We all have Shadows. Often, those areas within our personality that we find displeasing, are called our “Shadow”.  Who do you call upon when working with your Shadow Self? Who is your Guardian for this work?

You and Your Ideas Drum Journey

A “good” idea is a beautiful thing! It is a Being, really. It wants to live, and it tries to come into this world through YOU. What if your Ideas are your Friends? How can you nurture your Friends without focusing on how to “do” them?

Mermaids, Fish Hats and Sacred Water in Tucson

In Tucson, every monsoon season, the heavens open up, and the mermaids reappear to sing, to dance and to parade through the heart of downtown Tucson! For the past three years friends of Institute for the Shamanic Arts have dressed up as fish for this uplifting family friendly parade.  It is a perfect opportunity to…

Remembering Drum Journey

It is time to remember. Remember what? Something big or small? That which we forget is not gone, it is buried, hiding…waiting to be Remembered. Ask for a Remembering Coach now. 18 minutes

Ocean Journey

The great Mother Ocean! Life Giving waters! Listen to the rhythm of the waves. Ocean is your teacher for this moment…what does She want you to know? What do you need that only Ocean can help you? 14:23 minutes with drum and ocean