Our Stories shared become our combined power.

Getting to the Root Journey

There are many ways to see the word “root”.  What do you need right now, regarding “root”? How are you rooted? What is the “root” of an issue of importance to you? Tune into “Root” as a teacher for you. 17 minutes with drum

Guardian of Challenge Journey

Challenge. We all feel it. Who do you call on when you feel low, blue, overwhelmed? Who is your Guardian in challenging times?Where are the places of sanctuary for you when you feel challenged? 15 minutes with drum

Guardian of Transformation Journey

Transformation. We are transforming at all times, in all ways. Even when we do not notice it. What is transforming for you right now? Who is your Guardian of Transformation to help you right now? There is a place where this Guardian dwells… Go there. 14 minutes with Drum

Mediator Spirit Guide Journey

The Mediator- Mediation is finding a balance between two. Two energies, opinions or people (human or otherwise).  We all go through periods of indecision, so think of a situation in your life that could use mediation, and then call upon this Guide who is skilled at mediation…find balance that is needed right now. 15 minutes…

Meeting a Teacher Drum Journey

Imagine a Teaching place.  Waiting for you is a Spiritual Teacher you need at this moment. “What do you have to teach me right now?” 9:30 minutes with drum

New Moon Journey

The New Moon is a perfect time to plant seeds and make wishes. What are your planting and wishing for this New Moon time? 15 minutes with Drum

Your Path Drum Journey

A Path emerges. Your path. A special path for you. A guide for your path emerges…what do you need? What is on your path right now? 15 minutes with drum

Empaths Controlling Feelings

Recently, an empath wrote to me, Elisabeth Black, and asked how she could start to control the feelings that she is experiencing. What follows is how I responded.   It sounds like you are sincere in wanting to make some changes in your life so that you can live with less anxiety. This takes hard…

Shamanic Animism in 13 sentences

During the last few years, friends of Earth Web Media’s ISA (We, Intuitive Shamanic Animists of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts) have been gathering information, and opening our minds, to write a document.  It was decided that we needed a “Statement of Beliefs”.  Earth Web Media is an Animist Church (a word used by…

Cannabis Journeys-Spirituality for Medical Marijuana Patients

This audio circle is hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and OOlah (One Who Balances).  She is also a shamanic performer and Animist Minister for Earth Web Media.  Quynn has practiced the shamanic arts since 1997 and in 2014 she was accepted into the Arizona Medical Marijuana program for a diagnosis of Cancer. Cannabis…