Our Stories shared become our combined power.

Imagination Power and the Shamanic Journey

This morning I (Quynn) received an email from someone who had participated in a recent Soul Retrieval webinar and the recorded audio afterwards.  She wrote to me after listening to the recorded webinar-   I want to say thank you Quynn. I just listened to the soul retrieval recording and journaled about my findings. It…

Online Circles during Mercury Retrograde January 2016

Mercury Retrograde Brings Us Back to What Needs to Be Remembered and Restored Drum Journey Circles with Quynn Red Mountain   Some definitions: Retrograde (astrology) From Astrology Weekly An apparent backward motion in the Zodiac of certain planets when decreasing in longitude as viewed from the Earth. It can be compared to the effect of…

Drum Track for Journeying-8 minutes

Quynn is pleased to share this 8 minute drum track with no callback or words.  Listen to the consistent rhythm over and over for many journeys. Drumming by Quynn

FREE Introduction to Animism-The World is Alive!

Dear YOU, the healers, mystics, transformers, blended spirits, nature lovers, pagans, artists, womyn and sacred men of this world, you are also ANIMISTS! It is November. The week of “Thanksgiving” in the United States of America. The “Holidays” are here. There are, gratefully, so many things for which to be grateful. People around the world…

Underworld Gatekeepers-Spider and Snake Journey

When you are ready to travel to the underworld, a spider or snake might be the gatekeeper. If so, what might you trade it to gain passage? What can you learn from swinging a win-win deal with an underworld gatekeeper? 15 minutes    

Animist Ministers Close Year Training with Community Ceremony

There are 9 people (plus me) who are preparing ourselves for tomorrow.  We have been thinking about this day for many months, even a year. At 3pm we open the doors of the Galactic Center (in downtown Tucson- 35 E Toole) to share a community ceremony with whoever feels called to join us. “We” are…

Reworking Mercury Retrograde Drum Journey

Mercury Retrograde- This phrase can cause people to feel dread and fear- but what if it is an opportunity for us to clearly see our areas of challenge? You can now learn more about your cycles of challenge and ask for a guide or mentor who can help you reweave your reality during these regular…