Our Stories shared become our combined power.

Amazing Raven Drum Journey

Calling all those who love, or are called by Raven! Calling those who are drawn to the wise black bird, even if you are not sure why.  This call also goes out to those who are learning to accept and employ your ‘shadow’ side to be your best ally. So much is to say about Raven……

Upper World Drum Journey

Imagine that there are three worlds of Reality. The Under/Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World. The Upper World is known to house our ancestors, angelic guides, star people and winged ones.  Who is there for you now? What assistance do you need? Ask for what you need. 20:15 minutes coming soon

Cloud People Drum Journey

Look up! Look up!  The Cloud People are waiting to guide you, communicate with you about something of importance to you right now! Before the journey, go outside and feel the Clouds, then listen to this journey when you are in a safe space. Enjoy!   17 minutes    

Understanding Sickness-Feeding Wellness

Hi all, Quynn here~ How can we Weave Well through the challenges of Illness? Welcome to this approach of Spiritual Warriorship- Dealing with an Illness. My experience with illness has taught me so much, and inspired me to offer my shamanic tools to others who are experiencing some kind of “Illness”.   I have offered a…

Two Summer Programs to Deepen your Practice

Summer is a potent time! So, I wanted to let you know about two new deepening programs beginning later in July. 1) A 12 week Personal Mentoring/Coaching/Collaboration Program called “Your Sun Shines Brightly” THIS PROGRAM CAN TAKE PLACE IN PERSON (IN TUCSON) OR ONLINE. There are two levels of this program available (“Bright” and “Light”,…

Archetypes Drum Journey

Archetype: In the psychology of Carl Jung, an archetype is an inherited pattern of thought derived from the past experience of the whole human race and present in our unconscious minds. Ponder the meaning and role of Archetypes in your life. Allow Quynn’s drumbeat to guide you to a needed Archetype.   18 minutes  

Honoring the Mother of us All

Mother’s Day can be beautiful, and difficult. If your relationship with mother, or as mother, is challenging or estranged, this day can bring up unresolved feelings.  If your mother, or child, has passed from this world, Mother’s Day can cause sadness, or touch a wound yet unhealed.  Blessings to all who are in the process…

Join in a LIVE ONLINE Shamanic Journey Circle

If you want to explore your spirit world, yet coming to a circle is not possible or desired, now you have another option~ Online Shamanic Journey Circles with Quynn. While in the comfort of your own home, or any safe place to relax, you can go within for spirit guide connection to Quynn’s drumbeat and…

Serpent Wisdom Drum Journey

Serpent is an ancient teacher of humans. Is it time for an initiation with Snake in the Spirit World? Allow Quynn’s drum to take you to a Serpent teacher. 19 minutes    

Audio Journey Club-Raven Journey

This drum journey includes sounds of Ravens.  Let the drum take you to Raven, who is a very unique teacher.  :) What does Raven have for you now? Download this episode (right click and save) Not yet a member of the Web of Life Audio Journey Club? You can join for only $10 a month…