January Journeys and Snake Power

By Quynn | January 13, 2014

Each January the numbers of people who are interested in attending ISA’s weekly shamanic journey circle swell.  Maybe it is a New Year’s Resolution, but it feels like people are interested in getting information that is helpful in their New Year’s course plotting. Yesterday was no exception.  A full room, packed with experienced journeyers, and…

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Hollow Bone Empty Vessel

By Quynn | January 9, 2014

Ones who have a ‘healing ability’ often describe themselves as a Hollow Bone. The conduit or channel through which the healing energy moves.  We move beyond our own Self to be filled with the power of the Multiverse, so it can move through us where needed.  As an Empty Vessel we clear our minds of…

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The Best Holiday Gift-Heal Yourself-Heal the World

By Quynn | December 24, 2013

On this Christmas eve Earth Web Media would like to highlight an article written by Mike Williams Ph.D of, in The Heron Magazine, called “The Shamanic Way of Empowerment“.  This article is very clear and encompasses the themes that run through shamanic cultures.  Subjects such as Healing, Trance, Compassion, being Marginalized in the culture…

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Spirit World Map Making

By Quynn | December 9, 2013

Journeyers gathered at Our Nest (the frequent home of ISA circles in Tucson, AZ) to connect with the landscape of their personal/tribal spirit world.  While listening to the drum each participant asked within to be taught, shown and guided about the “hows” and the “wheres” of their inner world, to enhance their connection.   Information regarding…

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Me?! Now?! Time for ISAs Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training

By Quynn | October 31, 2013

Me?! Now?! Time for ISAs Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training Hello Friends! Quynn here :) On November 9th 2013 another Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training begins, and I have received some questions about the training, and “shamanic” practitioner training in general, so I thought I would offer my thoughts about the questions here.   If you are interested…

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ISA Full Moon Labyrinth Walks at Unity come to a close

By Quynn | October 22, 2013

At sunset on October 18, a beautiful evening, over 20 people gathered to celebrate the full moon, and honor this walk as the last that ISA will host for Unity church.  ISA has hosted Full Moon Labyrinth walks for 2 years and 8 moons and each one has been beautiful.  Whether hot sun, rain, cloud…

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Empaths Share about Empathic Children

By Quynn | October 17, 2013

Elisabeth Black runs a Facebook group called Empaths.  The following conversation about empathic children started and we would like to share the thoughts shared. If you are an empath, or have a child who is an empath, you can ask to join the group. No names are used to protect privacy= As a teacher, I…

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The Altar Path

By Quynn | September 29, 2013

Autumn brings a new project to ISA, the Altar Path!  The “Altar Path” honors the land spirits and nature energies around Tucson, with simple to elaborate altars.  Each altar is created and removed on the day of the event. “Leave no trace” is the method.  This altar was created to honor and offer gratitude for…

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Beside the Road, Between the Worlds

By Quynn | September 15, 2013

Yesterday, a group of us  from ISA traveled to the Upper World above Tucson, Arizona. Commonly, the mountain we traveled is called “Mt. Lemmon” in the “Catalina” Mountains.  Another name is “Frog Mountains”.  We felt called up to 6,000 feet to honor the water, the trees, birds, ants, the rocks, and all the rest.  All…

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Healing the Old Spirit of Crisis

By Quynn | September 11, 2013

This workshop was recorded on September 11, 2013.  Every year, since 2001, this day comes and brings with it many thoughtful and challenging feelings and memories.  Now, 12 years  since that day, it feels that there is much to learn about the Spirit of Crisis. A “crisis” is described in Wikipedia as “any event that…

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Snake and Butterfly as Shamanic Teachers

By Quynn | August 15, 2013

For the last four weeks, 10 Changing Beings gathered for a shamanic intuitive training circle.  Snake and Butterfly were the teachers for this circle.  The 10 Human Beings asked for wisdom shared from these shapeshifting Beings.  Four weekly sessions we met. We pondered our lives.  We looked to our teachers. We journeyed to the drum…

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Stargate Merkabah of July 29 2013 with Community Power

By Quynn | July 30, 2013

20 Human Beings, and who knows how many Beings of Light, gathered last night in a sacred space called The Galactic Center (Tucson, AZ) to experience together the rare planetary alignment that occurred yesterday. A Grand Sextile was formed around our beautiful planet Earth on this day, activating a Star of David, a Merkabah, a…

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Idea Yay!

By Quynn | June 22, 2013

As humans, ideas come to us, from somewhere, and we decide to manifest them, or not.  We are able to manifest them, or not. When we do, these things we call “ideas” change us, and the world, in small and large ways. Yay! “The best idea is one you can do.”  Quynn Red Mountain ISA’s…

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Father Spirit

By Quynn | June 14, 2013

On this weekend of the American holiday called Father’s Day, would like to share a journey mp3 with you.   Father’s Day is an opportunity to notice, honor, heal and celebrate Sacred Father energy.   When you have about 20 minutes available for your meditative self, please listen to this audio file and be prepared to…

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Movement and Space

By Quynn | June 5, 2013

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts (lovingly called ISA) has been in a number of spaces since it began.  The space that has housed us for the last two years has been called The Grotto, a rock walled underworld home.  Our Grotto has hosted many circles, events, journeys, drumming sessions, tears, laughter and aha moments…

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Blessings Shared

By Quynn | April 28, 2013

From Quynn Red Mountain… I was cleaning out my computer and found a file called “Blessings”.  The following blessings were inside.  They were written to me on my last birthday.  Each one was written in a beautiful way on paper, in cards, on art…I rewrote them in the computer… I felt it was a good…

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Water and Walking- ISA at the Tucson Water Festival

By Quynn | April 25, 2013

On Sunday, April 21 2013, ISA participated in the 4th Annual Water Festival, hosted by Tucson Arts Brigade.  This festival integrates art, science and culture to raise awareness, promote stewardship, and foster creative expression about our water future. This year, Tucson Water Festival partnered with the Earth Day Festival at Reid Park and it was a…

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For Mothers, and Those with Mothers

By Quynn | April 7, 2013

On Sunday, March 31, Performance Artist and Secretary of Earth Web Media, Sue Ellen Liss, was in Tucson from Portland, Oregon, to share her One Woman Show “Finding the Lost Spark”.  Sue Ellen’s work is the product of many years of being a mother, and then single mother, of 4 children (the oldest being Quynn…

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Shamanic Journey Circle- Day of the Great Rabbit on Easter Sunday

By Quynn | April 3, 2013

Sunday, March 31 was the Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox…which is called by Christians “Easter Sunday“.   This day (and week before) honors the Christian story/history of Jesus, however it has also been celebrated by many for generations by honoring the Easter Bunny too.  Spring holidays and rituals of pre-Christian Europe…

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Sacred Enactment as Spiritual Funny

By Quynn | March 14, 2013

Performance can be Ritual. Enactment can be Ceremony. Theater can be Spirituality.  This sacred form of enactment educates and entertains. Enactment=process of enacting: the act or process of enacting something Synonyms: performing, acting out, portrayal, representation, presentation, acting, depiction, play-acting, performance Two friends of ISA have been acting out in the theatrical realm, to play with spiritual…

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ISA Rocks the 2013 Tucson Peace Fair

By Quynn | March 1, 2013

On Saturday, February 23, The Institute for the Shamanic Arts participated in the 2013 Tucson Peace Fair.  ISA had a healing arts booth where practitioners offered samples of readings and sessions for the Peace community. For the first time, some drummers from ISA offered a drum journey for Unity Consciousness for the entire fair. ISA…

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Talk of Rock- ISA, Stone Wisdom and Animism

By Quynn | February 19, 2013

Earth Web Media’s ISA hosted a fantastic series of Healing Arts Circles and Ceremonies in honor of the 2013 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  Each circle gave participants the opportunity to connect with the Stone People and Crystal Beings in many meaningful and personal ways.  Please note ISA’s blog post about it. A note from…

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Postures of Flight!

By Quynn | January 28, 2013

Last Monday evening Quynn Red Mountain hosted a shamanic circle called Postures of Flight, based on the work of Dr. Felicitas Goodman’s work regarding sacred postures that show up all over the world in sculpture and cave. Anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, researched and explored ritual body postures as a means to achieve a bodily…

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By Quynn | January 22, 2013

What does it mean to shapeshift? Recently we explored this question through the method of journeying. We chose animal kin in various animal decks and reached out to them. One deck that we used was the Shapeshifter Tarot deck. This deck was useful in seeing how humans merge characteristics with animals. By doing this, we…

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The Power of Love

By Quynn | January 14, 2013

My name is Elisabeth Black and on Saturday, Jan. 12, I was spirit led to facilitate a circle about the power of love. Because of the nature of love, my spirit guides asked that I be more self-revealing than I ever have been in past circles. I shared about my process of opening up to…

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A Sacred Evening with Medicine Singers

By Quynn | January 10, 2013

“What an amazing experience. I’m happy to have attended. Thanks to Phil, Alyce, Ron for sharing themselves with us in such a way.” On January 5th, 2013, people gathered for an evening of sacred traditional songs, dances and ceremonial speeches shared by Phillip Cash Cash, his wife Alyce, and Phil’s Medicine Singing Brother Ron, in…

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Events in Phoenix and Tucson on Friday, January 11

By Quynn | January 8, 2013

Friday, January 11 has been designated as a Global Day of Action for IDLE NO MORE. Wherever you are, whoever you are, find a way to add energy to this growing and important movement. The Institute for the Shamanic Arts is hosting a New Moon Circle in Tucson on this night, offered by Dee Owl…

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ISA’s First Handfasting

By Quynn | January 2, 2013

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts is the education branch of Earth Web Media, an Animist Church (which the IRS calls a Religious Non-Profit Corporation), based in Tucson, Arizona.   As a growing spiritual community, we are pleased that our first facilitated handfasting occurred in the labyrinth at Unity Church on Winter Solstice 2012, and…

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Happy New Gregorian Year! 2013 is OUR year!

By Quynn | January 1, 2013

[thaudio href=’’]The Mother of Time[/thaudio] During a shamanic journey circle gathered for the end of the year 2012, people asked for guidance about their next phase. At the end of the circle they wrote messages on paper. Messages that they wanted to hear, needed to hear, themselves. Every person wrote something to themselves.  Then all…

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Shamanic Soup’s On!

By Quynn | December 31, 2012

For the last journey circle of 2012,  Institute for the Shamanic Arts (ISA) gathered to explore the tradition of soup making. This was during our Shamanic Soup workshop. Each individual brought a soup ingredient that they felt was an important soup addition. While the soup simmered away full of spinach, kale, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, yams,…

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