Wind and Water

This poem is one of Quynn’s favorites and it came to her mind fully formed… Wind and Water, Stone and Stream…Ancestors calling to us from the dream… :53 seconds   Story and Poem Archive  

Shamana 101 The World is Alive

This writing  is a short version of Quynn’s latest book Rhythms of Feather and Smoke.  It is written for those who are sensitive to the worlds around and within them, and who feel they are a part of the Web of Life.  Free for all members. .pdf .mobi .epub

The Best Holiday Gift-Heal Yourself-Heal the World

On this Christmas eve Earth Web Media would like to highlight an article written by Mike Williams Ph.D of, in The Heron Magazine, called “The Shamanic Way of Empowerment“.  This article is very clear and encompasses the themes that run through shamanic cultures.  Subjects such as Healing, Trance, Compassion, being Marginalized in the culture …

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Spirit World Map Making

Journeyers gathered at Our Nest (the frequent home of ISA circles in Tucson, AZ) to connect with the landscape of their personal/tribal spirit world.  While listening to the drum each participant asked within to be taught, shown and guided about the “hows” and the “wheres” of their inner world, to enhance their connection.   Information regarding …

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Me?! Now?! Time for ISAs Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training

Me?! Now?! Time for ISAs Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training Hello Friends! Quynn here :) On November 9th 2013 another Shamanic Healing Practitioner Training begins, and I have received some questions about the training, and “shamanic” practitioner training in general, so I thought I would offer my thoughts about the questions here.   If you are interested …

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The Altar Path

Autumn brings a new project to ISA, the Altar Path!  The “Altar Path” honors the land spirits and nature energies around Tucson, with simple to elaborate altars.  Each altar is created and removed on the day of the event. “Leave no trace” is the method.  This altar was created to honor and offer gratitude for …

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Idea Yay!

As humans, ideas come to us, from somewhere, and we decide to manifest them, or not.  We are able to manifest them, or not. When we do, these things we call “ideas” change us, and the world, in small and large ways. Yay! “The best idea is one you can do.”  Quynn Red Mountain ISA’s …

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Father Spirit

On this weekend of the American holiday called Father’s Day, would like to share a journey mp3 with you.   Father’s Day is an opportunity to notice, honor, heal and celebrate Sacred Father energy.   When you have about 20 minutes available for your meditative self, please listen to this audio file and be prepared to …

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Movement and Space

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts (lovingly called ISA) has been in a number of spaces since it began.  The space that has housed us for the last two years has been called The Grotto, a rock walled underworld home.  Our Grotto has hosted many circles, events, journeys, drumming sessions, tears, laughter and aha moments …

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Blessings Shared

From Quynn Red Mountain… I was cleaning out my computer and found a file called “Blessings”.  The following blessings were inside.  They were written to me on my last birthday.  Each one was written in a beautiful way on paper, in cards, on art…I rewrote them in the computer… I felt it was a good …

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Water and Walking- ISA at the Tucson Water Festival

On Sunday, April 21 2013, ISA participated in the 4th Annual Water Festival, hosted by Tucson Arts Brigade.  This festival integrates art, science and culture to raise awareness, promote stewardship, and foster creative expression about our water future. This year, Tucson Water Festival partnered with the Earth Day Festival at Reid Park and it was a …

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Shamanic Journey Circle- Day of the Great Rabbit on Easter Sunday

Sunday, March 31 was the Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox…which is called by Christians “Easter Sunday“.   This day (and week before) honors the Christian story/history of Jesus, however it has also been celebrated by many for generations by honoring the Easter Bunny too.  Spring holidays and rituals of pre-Christian Europe …

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Sacred Enactment as Spiritual Funny

Performance can be Ritual. Enactment can be Ceremony. Theater can be Spirituality.  This sacred form of enactment educates and entertains. Enactment=process of enacting: the act or process of enacting something Synonyms: performing, acting out, portrayal, representation, presentation, acting, depiction, play-acting, performance Two friends of ISA have been acting out in the theatrical realm, to play with spiritual …

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