Sacred Enactment as Spiritual Funny

Performance can be Ritual. Enactment can be Ceremony. Theater can be Spirituality.  This sacred form of enactment educates and entertains. Enactment=process of enacting: the act or process of enacting something Synonyms: performing, acting out, portrayal, representation, presentation, acting, depiction, play-acting, performance Two friends of ISA have been acting out in the theatrical realm, to play with spiritual …

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Postures of Flight!

Last Monday evening Quynn Red Mountain hosted a shamanic circle called Postures of Flight, based on the work of Dr. Felicitas Goodman’s work regarding sacred postures that show up all over the world in sculpture and cave. Anthropologist Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, researched and explored ritual body postures as a means to achieve a bodily …

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What does it mean to shapeshift? Recently we explored this question through the method of journeying. We chose animal kin in various animal decks and reached out to them. One deck that we used was the Shapeshifter Tarot deck. This deck was useful in seeing how humans merge characteristics with animals. By doing this, we …

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Happy New Gregorian Year! 2013 is OUR year!

[thaudio href=’’]The Mother of Time[/thaudio] During a shamanic journey circle gathered for the end of the year 2012, people asked for guidance about their next phase. At the end of the circle they wrote messages on paper. Messages that they wanted to hear, needed to hear, themselves. Every person wrote something to themselves.  Then all …

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Shamanic Soup’s On!

For the last journey circle of 2012,  Institute for the Shamanic Arts (ISA) gathered to explore the tradition of soup making. This was during our Shamanic Soup workshop. Each individual brought a soup ingredient that they felt was an important soup addition. While the soup simmered away full of spinach, kale, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, yams, …

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Chief Theresa Spence

Friends, Please, if you have not already, take a moment and familiarize yourself with the actions of Chief Theresa Spence. Quote from article above=”On Friday night, in honor of the full moon, organizers are calling on Indigenous People to reclaim their sacred sites, by “conducting ceremonies, singing, dancing, educating or doing whatever makes sense …

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The Art of Storytelling

[thaudio href=’′]shamanworld audio[/thaudio] An important part of human culture is The Art of Storytelling.  People have experiences, and they want to share them.  Stories can have many meanings, and they help us explore our inner and outer worlds. Every culture, and person, has their stories, and new stories are being created right NOW. Shamanic People are …

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Reindeer, Mushrooms, and Santa

Reindeer, Mushrooms, and Santa. There are many versions, and layers, of the story below.  Here are but a few. Let your own research and intuition guide you as you explore the possibilities of this reality.    

Sacred Corn

Recently, Darcey Blue, plant whisperer and Shamana Flora offered a ceremony to honor the Sacredness of Corn at ISA’s underworld Grotto in Tucson, AZ. You can listen here to Darcey share about corn, and remembering corn sacredness, as spoken at her ceremony. [thaudio href=’′]Darcey Blue Sacred Corn2[/thaudio] Here is an excerpt from her blog post …

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Healing Arts Sampler

As participants traveled down the stairs on Sunday, November 11th, an aura of uplifting, mystical, and calming violet purple welcomed them. They were greeted at a welcoming table by Elisabeth Black and then escorted inside the Grotto where they quickly became aware of the energetic qualities of centering, blessings, love, sweetness, respect, clearing, radiance, joy, …

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