Shamanic Journeys

Drum for Stability in Chaos Journey

On this day called Christmas, energies fly in many directions. Sensitive people can feel this, and even when the energy is “good”, it can be unsettling.  Whatever the chaos around you, you can listen to this drum and imagine it shifting, going away, dissolving, separating from your energy field. You can ask for a helper…

Solstice Guardian Journey

It is June, time of Solstice. In the northern hemisphere we celebrate Summer Solstice, in the southern hemisphere, it is Winter Solstice.  This journey is for Summer Solstice, the time of the Great Sun, whenever that is for you.  There is a Solstice Guardian who has a message for you.  What message do you need…

Spirit of Change Journey

Contemplate the Change that is present in your life, Change that wants to happen, and call upon the Spirit of Change to help you understand, see or release something that is important right now.

Tree Message Journey

There is a Tree that has a message for you.  When the drum begins, ask for your helpers to come and guide you to the Tree that has something for you

Water Journey

Water is Life. We are Water. Water has energy. Water is sentient. It reflects the energy around it. Water can be a guide for you at any time, speaking to you, and through your cells. We are Water. Listen to a gentle sound of moving Water, to prepare you to seek guidance from the Being…

Wise Stone Ancestor Drum Journey

Stone People have been with Humans since our beginning.  From sand to pebble to boulder to mountain, Stones are our teachers and help us ground in this physical reality. What messages are ready to be shared between you and the stones that live near you right now?

Change Of Season Journey

When the seasons change we feel it, along with every other being.  How are you feeling the change of season right now? What messages are available to you about these changes?

Wolf Woman Journey

Wolf is an ancient wisdom keeper, yet is currently hated by many humans.  Find the Power of Wolf for you right now through Wolf Woman.  (Track includes Wolf howls)