Soul Vision Nature Retreats-Camping with Quynn

Your Sacred Nature is Calling!
Join Quynn Red Mountain for a Personal Camping Retreat at the Tucson Desert Sanctuary of Mindfulness– Located in the Sierritas, 35 miles southwest of Tucson, AZ.


“Nature has been my greatest teacher. Everything I have become and will be is because I have been able to get quiet and listen for the teachings that ride the winds.  My extensive time connecting with various public lands of the western U.S. states has been a powerful teacher. Many forests, deserts, waters, mountains and fires have shared their intense teachings with me. Their unique beauty, all the challenges of weather, and the inevitable discomforts, have strengthened me. I am grateful that I have learned so much by being quiet and listening, and they are calling me now to hold space for others as you too quiet down to listen.

It is time to listen, so we are clear when we act.” Quynn Red Mountain


We live in significant times. So much is changing in the Web of Life that it is common to feel stressed, alone and out of alignment.  As a Human, our individual power is limited, yet when we actively connect with the sentient Nature Spirits of the world around us, we open our hearts and listen for guidance.   As we listen, we grow our ability to hold more Sacred Power to make beneficial Change in our personal and community life, as well as in our relationship with Mother Earth.  
 Your Soul Vision Personal Retreat offers you an opportunity to deepen your connection with the Spirits of the powerful Sonoran Desert, so that you can decifer the messages most needed now in your life.  
These sacred soul experiences take place on land owned by Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church, and are offered as part of Quynn Red Mountain‘s Ministry to her Animist community.




Nature Quiets the Mind so you can Hear your Heart.
Come to the desert to listen.



Your Personal Soul Vision Retreat includes:
  • Two nights in your own private space on 28 acres of private, off the grid land southwest of Tucson, AZ
  • Sleeping under the stars in the dark skies of the Sonoran desert (within dark zone of Kitt Peak)
  • Day and Night opportunities to honor the beauty and power of resident Nature Beings 
  • Drumming, Meditation, Hiking, Wandering, Arting, Writing, Sleeping and Listening
  • Labyrinth 
  • Divination systems available for your use 
  • First Morning Opening the Circle Ceremony with Quynn
  • Personal session with Quynn (Divination reading or Clearing)
  • Second Evening Fire Ceremony and Shamanic Journey with Quynn
  • Final Morning Water Ceremony with Quynn 
  • Two vegetarian and gluten-free dinners (soup cooked by Quynn), tea, coffee, fruit and energy bars provided. (Saturday light eating or fasting is encouraged)


Quynn Red Mountain, Nature Explorer, Animist Minister and Shamanic Practitioner,  tends your camping and soul exploration needs for this two night sacred experience (and she cooks dinner for you too!). 

Quynn understands how a Personal Retreat can be a meaningful way to honor an important time in one’s life.  She has been blessed to spend many days, nights and months of her life off the grid, and knows the power of Nature as Teacher.  This very special place in the Sonoran desert has nurtured Quynn and her spiritual health since 2001, and she is honored to be able to now share it with other Animists.  This land is close to Tucson, has cell service, yet is off the grid quiet. It is a dynamic location with far views, sunsets over the sacred Baboquivari Peak, a hike-able hill at the south end of the property, and offers spiritual rustic camping  for Animists that are ready for a Soul Vision retreat.  





October through March hosts Mid-week (Tuesday-Thursday) and Weekend retreats. 

 Every Retreat begins and ends with prayers and offerings for the land and the Spirits of those who live here.

While the start and end times are set, there are no specific times stated or intended for these retreats. All happens at just the right time.

Weather is, of course, always our companion, and can also be our biggest challenge.  Trust that just the right weather Spirits will be present for you and what you need most for your retreat (and know that we will be prepared!)  Please note that this land is 1,000 feet higher than Tucson, so nights are cooler than in town. 


Retreat Dates and Themes  2017:  (2018 dates released soon) Themes will be repeated on weekends in 2018.  Refunds given (-$50 deposit) up to 2 weeks before retreat date. Full payment expected prior to retreat date.
To reserve your place, a nonrefundable $50 deposit is required.  Prices may change at any time.


Altar of Life Blessing Retreat
Your life is an altar of blessings and lessons. It is a good time to tend your altar.
The desert invites you to offer the blessing of creating an altar for you, and the land.
Friday (4pm) October 27-Sunday (11am) October 29
$175-$300 sliding scale

Parting the Veil between Worlds Retreat
During this time it is known that the veil between worlds is thin.  What messages want to be shared?
The land will help you reclaim your powers from the whispers of ancestral trauma.
Tuesday (4-5pm) October 31-Thursday (11am) November 2
$175-$300 sliding scale

Quiet Spirit Retreat
All the Beings of this land have so much to share, you will mostly be asked to listen.
Clarity, Healing and Activation can best happen here and now. You belong.
Tuesday (4-5pm) November 7-Thursday (11am) November 9
$175-$300 sliding scale

Sacred Wildness Retreat
You are a wild being. Feel your sacred wildness here.
Wind. Sun. Mud. Clay. Stone. Sand. Dark. All wait to teach you.
Tuesday (4-5pm) November 14-Thursday (11am) November 16
$175-$300 sliding scale

Quiet Spirit Retreat
Now is the perfect time to feel the quiet within.  The land is ready to share all forms of silence with you.
Sleep, Walk, Watch, Listen, Dream much. Speak less. Ahhh.
Tuesday (4-5pm) November 21-Thursday (11am) November 23
$175-$300 sliding scale

Gratitude and Ceremony Retreat for Web of Life Animist Ministers and Soul Medics
On this weekend after “thanksgiving”, the Earth calls us to listen through humble ceremony.
Every moment is an opportunity to give thanks for the generosity of the multiverse.
The number of participants may be larger for this Retreat.
Friday (12pm) November 24-Sunday (11am) November 26
Contact Quynn regarding donation


Sleep and Rest Retreat
This sacred land supports you as you rest during the day and sleep at night.
Allow yourself to re-align with your Circadian rhythm. Do nothing and everything will be done. (Wu Wei)
Tuesday (4-5pm) December 5-Thursday (11am) December 7

Sacred Shadow and Light Retreat
Winter Shadows and Nights are long. The time when our Light is most nourishing.
We focus on the powers of sunlight and firelight. What do you see and what do they tell you?
Tuesday (4-5pm) December 12-Thursday (11am) December 14
$175=$300 sliding scale

Winter Solstice Inner Fire Retreat
We honor the darkness and ask the land for guidance as the sun wheel turns once more.
During this time of the cold night, feel your Inner Fire and focus on your light.
Tuesday (4-5pm) December 19-Thursday (11am) December 21
$175-$300 sliding scale


Web of Life Animist Ministers, Ministers in Training, Practitioners, Soul Medics (including dog) are offered very accessible prices- Contact Quynn for available dates and details.   A limited number of work trades are available during the season. 


Retreat donation for Ministers, Practitioners and Soul Medics


Please note: A signed liability release must be signed to confirm participation.
Your retreat date will host up to 2 other people on the property.
Each retreat-er has a private camp and pit “toilet”, has access to group kitchen and food.
Group Ceremonies are optional.
Scheduling a Solitary Retreat is possible. Contact Quynn for dates.

All donations are paid to Earth Web Media.
Interested but unclear or have a question? Contact Quynn :)

Now is a perfect time for you to dive into your deeply personal connection with the Nature Spirits around you (Quynn calls this “Animism”). Experiencing reflective, facilitated time in Nature opens the portal for you to more deeply trust your intuition and feel this connection in your daily life in the modern world so you can more clearly trust yourself and live your purpose.


  • Learn from the reflections of Nature to listen within, gain inner clarity, and gain skills that will support you in your daily life
  • Hone your ability to create Nature Altars, Offerings and Prayers (Sacred Dialog) for and with Places, Situations and People
  • Strengthen your personal relationship with the Nature Guardians in this sacred place
  • Feel the authenticity of your Nature-honoring Spiritual Path, through your own DNA memory and the land around you
  • Strengthen your relationship with Nature Beings, so you can deal with humans more effectively
  • Recognize the flickering Spirit Powers that nourishes you in the chaos of urban life


Quynn supports with a light touch that encourages you to go as far as you possibly can…and then a bit more.


Participants bring:
Sleeping bag and Tent (we have a limited supply of shared gear)
Desired/Needed specialty vegetarian, vegan, non-gluten food to suit your needs
5-7 gallons of water (drinkable)
Personal supplies and gear (supply list sent upon registration)
Desert Awareness

We provide:
2 vegetarian soup dinners
Stove and cooking supplies
Propane stove
Desert awareness Training