Tucson Desert Sanctuary-Nature Temple of Mindfulness



The Earth makes the character of its inhabitants.  Earth Honoring People.


In September 2016 Earth Web Media received a donation of desert land 30 miles southwest of Tucson (in the Altar Valley) to become a sanctuary place for Earth honoring friends of EWM’s Web of Life Animist Church.

In a time of drought-Prayer and Intention is our Path.


This sanctuary is called the Temple of Mindfulness.  Prayer and Dream structures will be constructed for visiting congregants.  Actions will be taken to encourage water harvesting for the benefit of resident plants and animals. Tents will be erected for revivals and retreats.  Infrastructure will remain simple (solar power and hauled water) to nurture the calm nature of each visitor.

In a series of connected paths, mindful walking, sitting and listening become a practice of the Calm. The movement of walking in an area of designed contemplation allows a muscle memory of peacefulness to be experienced in a demanding, urban environment.  To sleep outside, to listen to the land, and to listen within, all are restorative acts for urban congregants and ministers of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church.


With meditative trails ascending 200 feet on a hill, a wide panorama allows the individual to experience an elevated view of personal opportunity.  Mindful walking is reading the words of the land. Along the path are a variety of labyrinths.  These form the basis for animistic ritual practice.  


Beginning in 2017, Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church conducts revivals of faith, in group congregation, corresponding with solar Sacred Days (Solstices, Equinoxes and the four cross quarter Days).  Wildness Retreats will be held at various times during the year for Animist Practitioners and Ministers of Earth Web Media to reflect on their lives, rejuvenate their soul and remember their connections to this beautiful desert land.


We are honored to receive this gift, and excited to share the wisdom of this land with you.


The first retreat of 2017 is scheduled on March 11-12 for a Full Moon Initiation Ceremony.

The second retreat of 2017 is April 22-23 for an Introspection and Activation Personal Prayer Retreat.