Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment Program

Become an Ordained Animist Minister in the Web of life Tradition

Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church is seeking Earth Honoring People who are called to become legally Ordained Ministers in the Web of Life Tradition*, in service to Earth and her People.

*The Web of Life Tradition- We are all connected by, and an equal thread in, the Sacred Web of Life. Earth Web Media (a legal Animist Church)  trains and empowers Earth Honoring People of all Genders, Cultures, and Bio=Regions who are called by their Ancestors to hold space for, and practice the intuitive and healing arts on behalf of other People in their communities. Together we create a sacred bridge to harmony within and between Humans, Non-Human Beings in all forms, and the Spirits of Earth and beyond.

The next 12 month ordainment program begins May 5, 2019

We meet the 1st and 3rd Sundays 10am-12pm MST until April 19, 2020
24 Live Video meetings (thru zoom.us) and/or in Tucson with Quynn

This Training emphasizes Animist exploration and  understanding, including offering respect and being open to communication with: animals, elements, plants, trees, spirit world, dream world, intuition, ancestors, spirit guides, other humans, and sacred self.

 Lead the way as a Web of Life Animist Minister~

~Focus on our similarities, rather than our differences, so we can strengthen our Animistic Spiritual Movement in service to Earth and her People

~Provide opportunities to listen to our Ancestors and the Spirits of the Web of Life for guidance in these challenging times

~Practice and find our ways to support and advocate for members of our Earth honoring, Shamanic, Atheist, Queer, Pagan, Earth honoring Animist communities, in all of their beautiful diversity

~Be a strong advocate and protector of healing ways of Earth and the  Lineage Keepers of the Sacred Traditions

~Commit to healing one’s personal and cultural traumas in order to be capable of holding space for others as they go through their process of healing

~Trust in our Powers to dismantle White Supremacy, Patriarchy and Colonized Mind in individuals and collective culture

~Remember how to be a Real Human Being in this Sacred Web of Life

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Words that Matter:

You love the Earth and you hear her speak. A generally accepted word for this is Animism.

What is “Animism”?

  1. Everything, including multiple realities and states of consciousness, is connected with an immortal essence
  2. The worldview that non-human entities (including but not limited to animals, plants, water, wind, mountains or phenomena) possess a spiritual essence and we can communicate
  3. Humans are one sentient People among many, and we are equal parts of the Sacred Web of Life
  4. Everyone can connect with the Web of Life without an intermediary

Many cultural groups could be called Animist (Pagan, Shamanic, Indigenous People and others), and more and more People consider themselves Animist.

Why Animism Now?

Over many generations Earth honoring People around the planet have experienced personal and ancestral traumas that have caused so much pain. Now we know that so many ailments of Mind Body and Spirit have roots in feeling the pains of separation from our Soul, the Earth and the sacred Web of Life. As we find support in our healing, we reconnect with our Soul, remember who we are, and rejoin the Web of Life.  That connection can be called “Animism”, and this awareness can help us to remember our path.

What is a “Minister”?

Ministers are individuals who are duly ordained by a religious body constituting a church or church denomination. They are given the authority to conduct religious worship, perform sacerdotal functions, and administer ordinances or sacraments according to the prescribed tenets and practices of that church or denomination. (the definition of the IRS)

To learn more about Earth Web Media’s Animist Beliefs, Please see our Statement of Beliefs

Earth Web Media is a religious non-profit (church) that practices Full Circle Animism, and is recognized in Oregon and Arizona, with legal standing in other states coming as needed.

Full Circle Animism- We practice the tools that consistently show themselves in Earth honoring cultures, including: honoring the sacred circle, activating trance with a consistent rhythm, dreaming, honoring the Earth and Sky cycles, elements and directions in Nature, intuition, trance, soul restoration, ritual, interaction with spirit world, ceremony, divination, storytelling, connecting with animal and plant allies, blessings/prayers, dance and sacred singing.  Each person consults their own Spirit Guides about how to practice these arts.

This path is for anyone, but especially for anyone who is the first generation in their family, after numerous generations of silence/denial, who openly feels their connection with the Sacred Web of Life.  It is understood that the Spirit World teaches and guides each person in their healing, and each Animist in their sacred arts.  In these times we are called to remember what our ancestors knew, and enact these ways in our daily lives. In this time, we are coming “full circle”.

Each Minister is guided by their Spirit Guides and Ancestors to create your own Ministry, in a way that has meaning for you.  You will create your own way to share the Animist message in this evolving world, in collaboration with others of like mind.

What can you do as an Animist Minister?

As a officially ordained Minister, you can offer your animist  inspired services to: ~ Hospice and Hospitals ~Social Justice, Queer, Environmental and Pagan Communities who need Spiritual Support and Advocacy~Prison Ministry~ Private and Home Schools (yours or someone else’s) for Kids and Adults ~

~You are able to advocate for people in your community and congregation who do not have like-minded family in situations with: the Veterans Administration, Hospitals for End of Life choices, and legal situations.

You can legally and professionally officiate: ~Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies ~Ceremonies for Release and Rites of Passage ~Classes and Workshops ~Individual Pastoral Counsel/Care Sessions ~ Land and Space Blessings and Clearings ~

This Training is designed to inspire you to discover and creatively express your Unique Nature of Service (“ministry”),  and sharing them with the world in your own unique way.

Please note: In order to be eligible for this ordainment program,  you must already have training and experience in at least one healing,  arts, spiritual modality, and are currently serving your community. You must have experience holding space for others, either in a one on one, or group setting.  

Prerequisite: Completion of the Animist Soul Support Practitioner (Soul Medic) Program or The Spirit Bridge-Healing Practitioner Training Program is expected. Talk to Quynn to apply for potential Life Experience deferment.

Outline of 12 month Program

The next 12 month ordainment program begins May 5, 2019

We meet the 1st and 3rd Sundays 10am-12pm MST until April 19, 2020
24 Live Video meetings (thru zoom.us) and/or in Tucson with Quynn

 Web of Life Ordainment Training offers:
  • 24 two hour live video meetings through zoom (participants in Tucson can join in the room) where Quynn guides discussions, journeys and exercises to explore subjects listed below
  • Practice participating in and leading group sharing experiences
  • Mentored creation of monthly support exercises for each Minister in Training to facilitate in their community, such as personal and group ceremony, pastoral counsel sessions, events around areas of interest and support groups
  • Active support while building Animist community
  • Drum journey and rhythm making practice each meeting to strengthen one’s relationship with inner world and guidance

We close our Training with an Ordainment Weekend in Tucson, AZ: 

Friday, April 24  2020 -Sunday, April 26
Friday 6-9pm, Saturday 10am-8pm  and Sunday 10am-2pm

To close this yearlong experience all participants will create a public ceremony to present themselves to the community, presenting each Minister’s unique gifts and areas of interest.

Once ordained in the ceremony, you will be officially an Animist Minister in the Web of Life tradition.  During our closing weekend you will receive a E-packet of legal, IRS, and support documents to help you navigate through the legalities of being a “minister”.

Areas of Animist Ministry – Your Nature of Service

As an Animist Minister, Your Nature of Service is Unique to YOU and helps you Support, Embody and Promote the following Animistic World Views in the world around you.

1) Facilitating Spirit and Physical World Communication 

2) Holding Space in Sacred Circle​ 

3) Earth Prayers and Advocacy 

4) Rhythm and Song  Enhancement

5) Animal Teachers, Kin and Allies 

6) Listening to Stone and Crystal Elders  

7) Plant Teachers as Food and Medicine 

8) Relationship with the Seven Sacred Directions 

9) The Four Elements as Life Guides 

10) Honoring Ancestors and DNA Healing  

11)Sacred Nature Connection 

12)Marking Rites of Passage  

13)Clearings of Space, Mind and Body 

14) Space Time Awareness and Dimensional Travel 

15) Birth, Life and Death Tending 

16) Sickness and Wellness 

17) Gender We/They Wisdom 

18) Seeing, Empathy, Divination 

19) Body Wisdom and Movement 

20)Trance Induction and Maintenance 

21)Soul Restoration from Personal and Generational Wounds

22) Plant Medicine Initiations 

23) Art is Life

24)Ceremony belongs to All

Throughout the year we will approach each area of Ministry in our live meetings with discussion, drum journeys and community support exercises. We will also address ethics and challenges in being an Animist Minister in this troublesome dominant culture.

Quotes from past participants:
“I have gained a deep sense of Animist community and the charge to further that in my future, and to help bring that feeling to others.  I am getting more of a sense of the great potential that a ‘minister’ holds for creating Animist community. “

“I am realizing and actualizing a practical method of shamanic healing practice to bring to the world, and building a strong foundation for my life grounded in Animist practice. “


Training expectations:

1) Interactive participation in sharing and contributing to posted subjects discussed in Private Facebook group

2) Exploration and research into your personal ancestral DNA lines (through DNA testing, family and spirit world research)

3) Being present live with group at least once a month (listening to recording for other monthly meetings is acceptable)

4) Over the year, complete 12 community support exercises with people, not in the training, in your physical or virtual world (for no fee). Document your experiences with Quynn, without sharing personal info of clients.

4) This training is created to be a Safe Space for People of all Bodies, Genders, Cultures, and Skin Tones.  We each will endeavor to increase our personal understanding of our biases, known and yet unknown, so that we are more able to see our Kin with respect and oneness. This is not easy work, but it is essential to becoming an Animist Minister for your community. 

This one year ordainment training also includes:

12 month subscription to Quynn’s Earth and Sky Cycles Journey Club called Raven’s Circle

  • To strengthen your connections to the cycles around you, each Dark/New and Full Moon of the year you will receive an mp3 guided meditation, prayerful intention and drumming, approximately 20 minutes long. Also included- Near each of the Sacred 8 Days (Equinoxes, Solstices and Quarter Days)   you will receive an invitation to a live drum journey circle hosted by Quynn (approximately 1 hour with two drum journeys). The circle, minus personal shares, is recorded and available to Ministerial trainees.

Access to Quynn’s companion audio workshop library for this training

  • Over 12 hours of mp3 workshops (approx 1 hour each), individual drum journeys and guided meditations related to subjects covered. Available for listen and download anytime.


Upon successful completion of this program you will be an Ordained Animist Minister to represent Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church in the world. You will be able to legally officiate Marriages, gain access to hospitals and other healing environments as a “Minister”, as well as conduct Life Ceremonies (transitions, passing over, coming of age) in the Animist Tradition.

There are many ways in which Ministers and Earth Web Media can remain connected after ordainment, however, Earth Web Media is not responsible for you and your ministry, after you complete your training.

Your Human Guide, and the creator of this training, is Quynn Red Mountain. To find out more about Quynn, check her out HERE.

IMG_20130515_185748Donation for 1 Year Program, includes legal Ordainment:

$1200-$3600 depending on your financial situation

  **$900-$3000 for those who completed the Animist Soul Support Practitioner Program (Soul Medic) or the Spirit Bridge-Healing Practitioner Training Program**

Payment Programs are available with signed agreement. Partial Trade position may be available for specific jobs needed by EWM. Inquire with Quynn for details. 

BIPOC-Do you feel called to this program yet the low end of the sliding scale is daunting or impossible? Reach out to Quynn regarding full and partial scholarships. 


In order to apply for this training, you need to have training in at least one healing modality such as Reiki Master, Shamanic Reiki 3, Shamanic Practitioner (with Quynn, Elisabeth Black or other teacher), Massage, Energy Work, Coaching, Yoga RYT200+, or other modality, and have active experience holding space for other Beings in your community.

Want to go further?

To apply to participate in this program:

  1. Complete the Animist Soul Support (Soul Medic) Practitioner Program, the Spirit Bridge-Healing Practitioner Training Program, or have equivalent Animist Soul Tending experience (Quynn decides if experience is equivalent).  If you are new to Quynn and her approach to Animist Ministry, to make sure you resonate, please join her for at least three circles or a series (in Tucson or Live Online) and/or purchase and listen to an mp3 course of your choice. 
  2. Next- Email  Quynn Red Mountain at earthwebmedia(at)gmail(dot)com or in facebook.
  3.  You will be sent an application.
  4. If you and Quynn have not yet met, a consultation will be scheduled (phone, skype, in person) after you have completed the requirements in #1 above to determine if this relationship is a good fit for both of us at this time, as stated by our Guides.

Please note: Application does not ensure registration. There are a limited number of positions available for this training year. If you are not selected, please consider applying next year, or to a different program. Thank you for your interest!

  A Message from one of the participants:

We are all connected. We can communicate with nature. We are all Kin.

We don’t have to be in charge all of the time.

Take time to listen to nature, to the plants, birds, animals, rocks, and hear what they have to say.

We can take direction from them, from Nature who wants to help us and be a part of our lives.

Spirit is in Everything and We are Each an Equal Thread in the Sacred Web of Life.

All information included is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media. Copyright 2018.