What triggers you?

My name is Elisabeth Black.

I’m an empath.

Today I held an Skilled Empath Workshop. After the workshop, I passed out chocolate and ate some because I find chocolate to be grounding. I drank lots of water because facilitating a circle and being an empath means energy is moving. Moving energy can be dehydrating.

All of the empaths in the group decided that we wouldn’t take on any of the others’ energy, pass our energy on, or leave any behind.  This was setting an intention.

When I got home from the workshop, I made myself a salad. The energy that I put into making my salad was one of mindfulness. “I am present. I am centered. I see the frilly kale. I am cutting peppers that are bright yellow, etc.”  I filled my salad with vital and rich ingredients that my body likes-tomato, lettuce, greens, kale, chia seeds. sunflower seeds, almonds, cucumber, mushrooms, peas, broccoli, and tuna.

Then finally, after I finish this blog, I will go and knit. Knitting is meditative for me. It is a chance for me to hold my own energy and flow into each stitch without mind chatter. I am present in the moment.

Self-care is vital for all sensitives. Empaths are prone to energy vampires when they are not taking care of themselves. This includes getting enough sleep, eating good, pure foods, drinking water, taking vitamins and exercising.

In today’s workshop, we each did self-inquiry to really look at what our personal triggers are. What makes our empathing kick in? The poster that is pictured above shows some of my triggers.  I think this is a really useful exercise for any empath to do. By doing so, it takes me out of being in victim mode. I am able to know my triggers ahead of time.  Self-knowledge is empowering.

Using the shamanic technique of journeying to meet an empath guide was another activity that we embarked on. This enables us to have protection and guidance that is specific to being an empath.

We also worked on centering ourselves and trusting in our beliefs. During this time, the suggestion arose to pay attention to how your body reacts. Your body can be a guide to assisting you in determining what is truth.

At the end of the workshop, one of the participants picked up Quynn Red Mountain’s book called, A Tribe of One and intuitively opened it to a part that we all needed to hear. It was about directing inner hearing to your body.

I encourage you to read her book. There are many exercises in it that are helpful, not only shamanically, but for all empaths.

Thank you to the empaths that attended the workshop today and to the empaths on our Facebook group that share their wisdom.

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