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Animystic Spirit Connections Playshop
Saturday, February 17  11am-4pm @ Central Tucson location
Explore your Spirit Connections with a one day session through the magical interaction of animystic puppetry with Alaskan artist and puppeteer, Tresham Gregg and hosted by Quynn Red Mountain, Dee Watts, and Elisabeth Black of Intuitive Shamanic Animists.
Experiment with the perspectives of Animal Spirit Allies, Shamans, Goddesses, Mermaids, Dragons, Ravens and more with puppet interactions that tap into your subconscious and cosmic awareness in a dance of spiritual beings coming to life in your hands.
Join with like minded friends in a lovely setting for a late morning and afternoon super fun event with lunch included.
Tresham is a life long artist raised in a small town in SE Alaska growing up immersed in Tlingit Native Art and legends. He has produced his own masked dance theater for many years, but now his passion is puppetry and making puppets with spiritual intent. He is versed in improvs that bring out quixotic humor and insight.
This event is for the purpose of fun, play and creativity! Everyone has the experience needed for this workshop :)
This experience is offered by sliding scale $30-$70 depending on financial situation.

New to drum journeying?

Here are Quynn’s Top 5 Tips for Journeying Within

  1. You have a natural ability to connect with your personal Spirit World so Don’t Doubt Yourself!
  2. You are not going anywhere that is foreign or dangerous.  This is your inner world.
  3. If you get stuck, or feel unsure, ask a question and/or ask for help.
  4. If you begin to feel that you are “thinking” your way through journey (instead of letting it come to you), pause, breathe and listen to the rhythm.
  5. Trust that you will experience whatever you need most right now and if you don’t understand what is happening, ask for a guide to assist you.



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