Gems and Minerals For Sensitives

IMG_9319The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show arrives each year in Tucson in late Jan. and early Feb. This brings a powerful vibration to town that many sensitives can feel. For some of us it causes a light headed feeling or headaches as we adjust to the frequencies. Others are inspired and filled with energy.

This also gives us a time to pause and reflect on how the mineral world can help sensitives.

The first step is choosing a new friend (referring to stone, crystal, or gem) to connect with. When you are looking for one,  pay attention to your senses. Crystals will let you know if they want to come home with you. Even if you are walking along and you see a stone that really catches your eye don’t just pass it by.  Ask yourself, “Does it have something to say?”  Other stones may only want to be with you for a short time and then be passed on to someone else. Sometimes they may even disappear for short time periods and then reappear. I often wonder if they travel off into some other plane to do work.

After you have chosen your friend, or it has chosen you, it will need to be cleared. Clearing means that you are moving out any energies that have been attached. This could have happened in the mining process, with someone picking up the stone, or even from being moved about. You also need to clear the stones after you have used them in healing work with others, or yourself.

There are several ways to clear them. Pay attention to your crystal’s preferences and be aware that some can be damaged if you use a specific clearing method like putting it in water (selenite, turquoise, calcite, opal).

-You can set your crystal in dry sea salt.

-Smudge your crystal.

-Bury your crystal for a time period.

-Use kyanite which is self-clearing.

-Use Reiki.

-Imagine your crystal being bathed in white light.

-Put your crystal in the moonlight.

-Put your crystal in the sun (be careful of this one because some crystals do not like sun).

-Put your crystal under running water

-Some like to be out in rain.

After you have cleared your crystal it is time to charge it. I generally charge mine by holding them and even rubbing them lightly. Some like to bask in the sun and others like the moonlight. Charging them means that you are in a sense revving up the energy.

Next, think about how you would like to have a relationship with this crystal. This is called programming. Basically, it is setting an intention. Remember, your intention may not be what the crystal was sent to you for. It is worthwhile to tune in by holding your crystal and mentally asking if it is willing to work with you in the way you want. So, let’s say you need a crystal that will help you with nightmares.  While holding the crystal, or touching it, mentally, ask, “Would you be willing to be with me to help with this?” Of course, it doesn’t need to be as step -by-step as this. Once you get a feel for working with crystals and stones, it seems to flow more naturally.

There are many good references about what the crystals are and what kinds of things they help with. I recommend the book called: The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt. I like this book because it has big pictures of the crystals and the book is broken down into the colors of them. That means I can get my crystal and easily find it in this book. Another good thing about it is that the print isn’t so tiny!

I polled sensitives and asked them what are good crystals to have.  Many suggested having quartz crystal because it is your “do-all” friend.  Another suggestion was smoky quartz because it is centering, grounding and good for removing negativity. Amethyst is another one that many sensitives work with. It is a helpful psychic protection stone and it opens up intuition. Rose quartz opens your heart and will keep you centered in loving vibration. Obsidian works well to protect, ground, and remove negativity. Moldavite helps sensitives, especially those that have difficulty with feeling the pain of others (it is a very intense stone though, so you need to work with it a little at a time and get used to it).

In the shamanic realm, a useful crystal to work with is called the shaman’s stone and it connects one to the earth realm. It is good for journeying and working with spirit guides/animals.

You may be wondering how exactly do you “work” with the crystal. This can look like you holding it in your hand, or placing it on a body part. You can also use them for specific chakra points.

Other ways:

-wearing them as jewelry or in a medicine bag

-carrying them in your pocket

-putting them in water (no unpolished stones in water)

-putting them in the bath with you

-putting them in your plants

-under your pillow

-healing work

Let’s say you are working with it directly and holding it in your hand. As with any relationship, it takes time to get to know it. How does it feel? Does it cause a quickening in your heart? Does it seem to have a slow and easy going pace? These are things to consider about what your needs are and if you will work well with the particular crystal.  I will often ask the stone to show me information. Some will do this and others just send out vibrations to help me.

Have fun investigating the world of gems and minerals and forming relationships with these spirit friends!

Elisabeth Black



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