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Introduction to the Shamanic Journey Workshop

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Shamanic Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. Tips and Stories with Quynn. 2 journeys. 60 minutes.

Introduction to the Shamanic Journey

“You have ancestors that knew the ways of the Earth, and who knew how to connect with the Spirit World. They are in your DNA. You can call upon them and ask them to whisper to you what to do in these times.”

This was spoken in Quynn’s head many journeys ago.  She was in Moab, Utah and a voice answered her question, which was “Where is my Tribe?”  The Spirit Voice speaks to you too.  You too have ancestors who want to guide you.  You have a direct connection to the Spirit World, and all of the guidance and healing found there.

This workshop assists you to seek again shamanic wisdom directly from one’s Spirit World teachers, even if your direct lineage to your shamanic ancestors has been altered after generations of oppression/forgetfulness.  Each person has access to the realms of Spirit and Nature. If you have forgotten, you can remember.

If you feel called to explore your inner world with drum and intention, come practice in this circle.  Quynn will share a story of Shamana that directly applies to each person present. Then, there will be 2 drum journeys.  Instruction about the journeying process, as well as tips from Quynn, will be shared.

This workshop is open to those who feel called to the shamanic path, yet with no shamanic experience, as well as those who have journeyed before, yet are not familiar with this particular approach to shamanizing.

Those with all levels of shamanic journeying experience are welcome.

Adjust the volume level so that it suits you. This may be at different levels for drum and voice.

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