The Institute for the Shamanic Arts (ISA)

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The Institute for the Shamanic Arts is now called Intuitive Shamanic Animists-ISA is the Spiritual Education branch of Earth Web Media

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ISA is a community based in Tucson, Arizona.   We explore our Animistic roots through the Animist and Earth honoring practices. Through drum journeying circles, experiential workshops, practitioner trainings and artistic performances, each participant is encouraged to remember their shamanic/animistic ancestry,  learn how to utilize their abilities in the modern world, and feel at One with the world, moment by moment. :)

I want to give my appreciation for the blessing of knowing you. The space you hold for others to expand and grow. Every event over the years we’ve shared has helped in accepting of owning my gifts.

ISA is part of Earth Web Media Inc.,.  Our principal form of inquiry/prayer/worship/exploration is the spirit world journey to a consistent drumbeat. Very briefly, the journey is when someone listens to a consistent rhythm of drum or rattle. The beats alter the brain waves to where they are when we dream. Many insights are possible when we access our Dreaming Mind.

As people hear the voice of their own soul, they are more able to hear the world around them.  As we empower people who practice Animism, we honor the Earth by learning to understand what to do in these times.

Journeying has been a powerful experience for me. I have gotten in touch with animal guides and answers to questions about current issues in my life, sometimes through images and sometimes through words.  The space  is held in a masterful way and it always feels totally safe. I feel free to express whatever comes.” 

Soul- the entity which is regarded as being the immortal or spiritual part of a person, and though having no physical or material reality, is credited with the functions of thinking and willing, and hence determining all behavior.  ISA offers opportunities to explore the Soul and the worlds it/we inhabit.

q desert 3The Intuitive Shamanic Animists was founded by  Quynn Red Mountain in 1998, and she has offered circles and trainings since then.  Quynn created ISA to offer a multidimensional approach to wellness and the Animist arts, with modern and personal applications in people’s lives today.  Now, ISA hosts events and circles offered by a number of talented practitioners.

For a complete list of offerings, go to our meetup group 

The purpose of ISA is to seek out and train individuals who want to improve their natural abilities in the Animist arts* and to educate the public about the Animist arts, their usefulness to individuals as well as their benefits to the community. This education happens through workshops, performances, trainings, enactments and adventures in Nature.   There are also circles for those with shamanic journeying experience.

*The Animist arts explore modern applications and benefits (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual) of consciously voyaging into the wilderness of one’s mind for the purposes of healing, increasing communication skills and inspiring art.

“Thanks for holding the space for us, for making yourself so available to teach and share.   It hasn’t been an easy shift and it’s only a beginning but a shift it is!! Yee-ha!”

What do we offer?
Intuitive Shamanic Animists offers a series of shamanic workshops, circles, trainings and interactive events which focus on various aspects of the modern shamanic arts.

Intuitive Shamanic Animists’ offerings help each participant:

  • Establish contact with your inner wilderness
  • Teach your mind and heart how to strengthen your intuition
  • Understand how the Universe speaks directly to you
  • Remember your pre-monotheistic religion ancestry and learn how it applies to your life
  • Learn to use your natural abilities and to understand Nature
  • Research our collective and individual ancestral past


Who can Participate?
ISA serves openhearted and minded people of all ages, genders, spiritual beliefs, sexual orientations, heritages and abilities.

How can I Participate?

Intuitive Shamanic Animists’ class/workshop offerings can be utilized in a number of ways:

  • Take one circle to learn, or enhance, shamanic skills
  • Pick and choose the classes that interest you, and that fit your schedule
  • Use workshops for personal/emotional and spiritual growth
  • Participate in a healing practitioner training
  • Dive into your healing by taking all classes offered

What to Expect?

If you are looking to find a place to study, ISA might be a place for you, however, you should know what to expect. At this time ISA does not have living facilities for students, nor does it provide housing assistance. If you feel called to come to Tucson for this purpose, either for a visit, or for an extended stay, do your research and be prepared.

Study Style: If you are looking for instruction about particular cultural styles of shamanizing, ISA is not the place for you. Quynn, as well as any other facilitator, does not teach any particular culture’s approach, NOR ARE WE COUNSELORS OR THERAPISTS. We share tools that seem to run through all culture’s approaches and that have worked for us.  The most important thing is that each student listen within to find their own way to connect.

Where are We?

ISA is based in Tucson, AZ.   We hold circles in a growing number of locations, including full moon labyrinth walks in city parks and power places.  Our center is located at 2016 E Broadway Blvd.  We are in FB and ING.


Cost of Classes

Some circles at ISA are offered by Spirit Guided Donation.  This means you ask within to know how much you are to offer.  This payment structure ensures that anyone who is interested in attending classes can do so.

Some events and workshops, and all Trainings, are listed for an affordable donation amount.   No one will ever be turned away for lack of monetary funds.  For the classes offered by Spirit Guided Donation, if you are unsure about what to give, take note of prices for comparable services and ask within. You will come up with the perfect offering.  Some workshops and trainings are offered for an affordable donation amount.  If you are interested in a circle that has an amount listed, and the amount is a problem for you, contact the host of that circle through our meetup group.

All monetary donations offered help pay for expenses, programs and endeavors of Earth Web Media, as well as the wellbeing of the facilitator.  Thank you for all gifts offered!

At ISA, you receive individualized, useful training and support that helps prepare you to live a more spiritually centered and purposeful life, if you choose to accept the call.

“Being involved with ISA has been a deeply enriching experience on a personal and community level. ISA has helped me discover and develop my own abilities and connections with my helping spirits as well as my own highest self. My confidence in the tools and techniques of shamanic practice has grown and continues to be nurtured. I am so grateful to offer circles and teachings to others because I know how transformative this shamanic experience can be.”  

 One of the great things ISA circles have shown me is how there are so many other people that talk with the spirits, and explore the spirit worlds. I thought I was so alone before, and hence strange! Now I have heard hundreds of people’s stories. Directly, this has shown me many people’s patterns of health and disharmony, which has been good learning. Indirectly, the circles have shown me that the world is full of people like this, and that most people are something else besides what they pretend to be for a living.

If you are interested in connecting with the rhythms of the Earth that connect us all, as well as your personal Earth Tribe, use the oldest tools…

Human’s first religious understandings (generally now called “Animism”) are incredibly similar.

All people understood that:
Blessings and lessons come from Nature
-The world talks to us through Dreams and Synchronicity
-Ancestors guide and care for us, even after they pass
-There are many layers of reality, and we can access them with particular techniques
-We honor, and are ruled by, the natural cycles of the Earth
-Heritage is passed on through the women of the tribe and men help pass on sacred heritage
-The Circle is sacred
The list goes on and on…

To those of the Animist and Pagan path, in all of its beautiful diversity, welcome!