Elisabeth Black

Long ago, when I was just a wee child, I’d make up poems and sing them to the plants, birds, trees, and angels.

599432_533488120028326_2072732774_nNow I’m an adult and my words are still being shared in a variety of ways.

I weave a lyric of joy, silliness, fun, and play while working with children. I feel that it is important to help children reach their highest potential.

My rhythm is strong and true as I walk the shamanic path as a facilitator, intuitive and Co-Director of The Institute for the Shamanic Arts in Tucson, AZ.

I bring forth messages from beyond as a shamanic seer.

As an empath I sense emotions.

My shamanic path began when I was a child.  Early on, I recognized my connection with all of life including plants, animals, and spirit beings. I did not always feel that I fit in which has led me to one of my passions in life. I truly believe in helping others develop their spiritual skills. This includes nurturing their confidence and inner strength, and providing avenues for discovery. I have developed a program called Sensorium for Kids which works to reach children whose gifts are not being recognized by the regular school system. As a certified teacher for 15 years, I have put together my knowledge and experiences to truly address the gaps that our gifted children face in traditional education.

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