Tucson Circles

 Come, join us for our Circles in Tucson! We explore our Animist ancestry with Shamanic tools!

Drawing by Elisabeth Black

 Circles and Workshops in Tucson, AZ
Practitioners at ISA offer original and unique workshops, trainings and circles that utilize the shamanic journey and trance to activate personal growth and healing.  ISA’s focus in on Spirit Guided Shamanism, meaning that while we honor all cultural approaches to the shamanic arts,  we do not offer teachings from one particular cultural approach to shamanizing.  We focus on the tools of the Shamana (the shamanic journey, rhythm, divination, nature connection, intuition, dream wisdom and trance) that can help each person access their inner wisdom so they can find the answers from within.  As each person strengthens their personal connection with their spirit world, they can allow their ancestors to guide them in their shamanic path.  The path of Shamana belongs to all people from all cultures.



Shamanic Journey Circle in a Park
Shamanic Journey Circle in a Park

Consistent ISA Offerings:

Shamanic Journey Circles
New Moon Circles
Full Moon Labyrinth Walks
Rhythm and Release Circles
Nature Journey Walks and Adventures
Shamanic Intuitive and Shamanic Practitioner Trainings
Healing Arts Samplers and Soul Restoration Clinics
In addition to the above offerings in Tucson, shamanic workshops are hosted online, focusing on soul retrieval, divination, personal healing, and intuition building. 

See our Practitioners page to learn about the focus and training of ISA Practitioners.


Art by Elisabeth Black

Shamanic Journeying Circles, Workshops and Trainings happen at “our Nest”, downtown Tucson, and at varying places around Tucson, Arizona.  All circles are listed at the calendar page at our Meetup group.

All workshops (except otherwise listed) are open to both women and men who want to explore their Animistic Nature using Shamanic tools.




Here is what people are saying about circles offered at the Institute for the Shamanic Arts-

Wonderful!! I felt welcome from the get-go at the first circle I attended. The people I’ve met there are warm and genuine, and circles are always healing and spiritual experiences. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to be a part of the group!

 A healing insightful place benefiting all who care to explore for answers for personal growth and insight into oneself and others.

It is extremely healing and an invitation to truly relax as well as do your inner work in a sacred space in your authentic being! Yummm!