New Shamanic Animist Training Opportunities

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Greetings friends, Quynn here~

It is now August, and I am happy to announce upcoming opportunities to work more deeply together- Autumn is coming and new training series begin sooner than later :)

If you are interested in Soul Restoration, Personal Development and/or Animist Training in holding space for Humans and “Nature” while strengthening your Center, I look forward to working with you in Tucson, or online.



Here’s a quick update!

Coming up! A 4 week series Introduction to Your Shamanic Tools- begins this coming Monday, August 14- . This series takes place in Our Nest, and people can also join online. We will focus on the following subjects, from the perspective of the Web of Life tradition- Each participant will also receive approximately 5 hours of mp3 audio workshops and journeys I have recorded over the past couple of years. You can listen and download to listen at your convenience.

This workshop series is based on, and follows, Your Shamanic Tools E-Course:

Week 1: Intuition and Dreams, Honoring the Drum

Week 2: Healing Power of the Shamanic Journey, Protection, Clearing

Week 3: I Divine-Divination Skills, Your Sacred Breath

Week 4:  Spirit Flight, Natural Prosperity

If you are interested in applying to participate in any of the more extensive trainings listed below, and you have not yet participated in a training series with me, the Shamanic Tools series would qualify you to participate.  More info can be found here.

Questions? Reach out to me!!!

Upcoming Training Opportunities 

For those who are:

-Ready to explore and enhance your intuitive, spiritual and shamanic abilities
-New to the art of holding space for others

The FULL CIRCLE Shamana- Introductory Healing Practitioner Training is perfect for you!

One Saturday a month, beginning October 14, for 7 months. While there is no specific prerequisite for this training, we need to have journeyed together before, in circle in person or online.  Find out details about this program here. 

For those who are:

-Experienced in the art of holding space for people, using at least one modality

-Interested in increasing your capacity to support Earth honoring and Animist People in a way that does not drain your energy

-In need of soul nourishment as a practitioner, in the company of other Earth honoring practitioners

The  Animist Soul Medic training has been created for you!

There are two versions of this program-

1) 3 weekends between September and April (multiple dates available) in Tucson

2) 2 hours every other Sunday morning (beginning November 5) for 6 months-available live online and in Our Nest (Tucson)

Find out more info about 3 week and 6 month programs.

For those who are:

-Experienced with holding space for people

-Drawn to deepen your connection with Nature Spirits and your Intuitive Nature

-Called to hold space for and with all the Beings that make up what we call “Nature”

-Ready for conscious and restorative desert time with Quynn and a small group of like minded folks

You are welcome to apply to participate in the ANIMIST NATURE GUARDIAN 12 Month Sacred Nature Training
5 Camping Weekends over 12 months, beginning October 27- See complete description here.


Who is eligible to apply to Nature Guardian training?

-Those who have participated in a previous Practitioner and/or Minister training program with Quynn

-Those who have participated in an online or in person series with Quynn (Tribe of One, Soul Restoration, Explore your Inner World, Snake and Butterfly) or have sat in circle numerous times together

-Send Quynn an email ( stating your desire to participate, how you feel the program will be useful for you at this time, and what you bring to it.   If you have not yet met Quynn, please come to a circle, or better yet, the Intro to your Shamanic Tools course!

Not ready or able to participate in the trainings above, yet you still want to deepen your practice?


You can join the Web of Life Audio Journey Club- 4 mp3 Journeys each month!

August special- Sign up for a year and receive three free audio workshops and journeys- Learn more and sign up here


The autumn season is the time to begin going deeper, and if you feel called to dive in with me, or if you are unsure about which program is best suited to your needs, please reach out to me through the website or this meetup.

The world, and the Earth, need more practitioners to help Humans and our Earthly friends regain balance and to learn ways to maintain a sacred calm in turbulent times.

As always, if the low end of the sliding scale listed on any training is honestly too much for you right now, reach out to me so we can figure out a win/win. :)


I look forward to sitting in circle with you,

Quynn Red Mountain


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