Weaving Well Through Illness

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Weaving Well through Illness- Listening to the Spirits of your Sickness

A New and Powerful  7 part Audio Course highlighting a Shamanic Healing Approach to “Sickness” with Quynn Red Mountain


In this time of difficulty, what is your “illness” trying to convey to you?


This 7 part  e-course focuses on the following 7 parts of soul healing as One experiences the Challenge of  illness. Each of the following subjects is an mp3 workshop approximately 1 hour in length and is addressed with meditation, guided imagery and shamanic journeying. 
  • Gather Your Healing Team   (59:54 minutes)
  • Listen to Your Physical Body   (53:25)
  • Acknowledge Past Soul Wounds of your life    (1:04:57)
  • Mend Past Life & Ancestor Wounds    (1:09:10)
  • Accept Fear & Anger, Encourage Hope & Gratitude    (48:41)
  • Claim Your Healing Powers    (39:21)
  • Say Yes to Spiritual Warriorship    (49:31)


In this safe space, relax to the rhythmic beats of the drum and rattle.  You can become aware of the “Illness” Spirit(s) within and learn what they want.  Amazing revelations and messages can come forth while listening to monotonous rhythm..

No shamanic journey or meditation experience is necessary, an open mind is necessary.


Sickness is a Spiritual Awakening – a wake up call.  When One’s body says “it is time to listen”, it is time to listen within.


q desert 13Quynn Red Mountain is your sacred guide

Quynn Red Mountain is a shamanic practitioner, ceremonialist and spiritual  guide.  She is an ordained Animist Minister for Earth Web Media’s “Web of Life Church” and the founder of “The Institute for the Shamanic Arts” (the spiritual education branch of EWM).

In early 2014 Quynn was diagnosed with a rare form of “Cancer” and used her shamanic tools to weave her way through the challenge to yield the most beneficial results.  Many personal and professional teachings came from the experience including; intense soul wound healing, increasing her compassion for those (herself included) with a physical “ailment”,  and knowing that she needed to create shamanically oriented health support services for others who are having their own experience with physical imbalance.



This e-course was recorded from live sessions in Tucson, AZ.

Here is what past participants of the live sessions thought of Weaving Well through Illness:

-I loved this “Weaving Well” group. Each week was a different topic and that was wonderful and thought provoking. It was my first experience with journey drumming, and I found that it is exactly what I needed.

-I received many gifts from this and thank you so much!

-The Weaving Well series was fantastic! I experienced true healing, deeper awareness, connection to myself and my ancestors. I had profound shifts and healings!

-This has been a profoundly powerful 7 week journey for me.  My first time journeying with rattle and drum, calling on Spirit Guides and meeting with emotions as actual characters, talking with them and dealing with them. Thank you!


The companion book referenced in class is Peace with Cancer- Shamanism as a Spiritual Approach to Healing by Myron Eshowsky.


 Quynn is editing the audio classes now-Available soon!