Introduction to Your Shamanic Tools-4 week training series

A 4 week Live series, online and in Tucson, with Quynn Red Mountain-Begins August 14!


If you are interested in, and called to, a spiritual path, you can utilize these shamanic tools to explore your natural healing, self-care and intuitive abilities.  Join Quynn in Tucson or Live Online for a deep dive into your unique ability to enhance your personal Shamanic Tools.

Enchanted Map card by C. Baron-Reid


Dates:  Four Mondays- August 14, 21, 28 and September 4  2017   6:30-8pm MST


This 4 week series is based on, and follows, Your Shamanic Tools E-Course:
Week 1: Intuition and Dreams, Honoring the Drum
Week 2: Healing Power of the Shamanic Journey, Protection, Clearing
Week 3: I Divine-Divination Skills, Your Sacred Breath
Week 4:  Spirit Flight, Natural Prosperity


The mp3 workshops and journeys included in this series were recorded by Quynn over a year’s time and she chose topics that she feels are essential ingredients to living a centered and magical life.  Each segment, in Quynn’s words, and with Quynn’s drum and rattle, guides you within yourself to connect with your innate gifts for yourself and those around you. Through these practices, your Spirit Guardians bring  messages and assistance you need right now.


We meet in Our Nest in downtown Tucson, AZ.
Participants can also join Live online 

Whether in person or online, you are able to ask questions and share during the 90 minute meetings.  Together, we contemplate and explore the subjects explored in the workshop in focus. There is a guided meditation and drum journey during each meeting, designed to help you understand and explore your Shamanic Tools in your own way. Each meeting is recorded for participants.

This series is not intended to replace medical/psychological attention. Quynn is not a therapist or counselor. She uses the rhythm of a drum to help guide people within, and offers tips from her own experience and research. This training does not make you a Shamanic Practitioner or “Shaman”, it is offered as a Personal Development Training.


Find out details about the full contents of the course HERE.

In this series you will: 
  • Learn details about your Spirit World and Shamanic Tools, so you can use them in your daily life
  • Expand your ability to travel your realms of consciousness for needed information and healing
  • Receive specific guidance and help from your Ancestors
  • Experience Quynn’s approach to shamanizing, setting intention, and opening/closing the circle


In each live session, as well as in each audio mp3 workshop and journey, Quynn guides you within yourself to ask questions, set intentions, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides for answers and help you need NOW. Quynn’s rattle and drumbeats will part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.


Dates:  Four Mondays- August 14, 21, 28 and September 4  2017   6:30-8pm MST


Purchase includes the full Shamanic Tools E-course with Download link to all files in e-receipt

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This class is a pre-requisite for participating in the Nature Guardian and/or Soul Medic Trainings. 

~Quynn is your Guide~

q-desert-17Quynn was taught by her Spirit Guides how to journey and connect within, and now she helps others connect with their Shamanic Tools in their unique way.

She says “You have a “Spirit World” that has been with you since before you were born. Your Ancestors and Guides in Spirit form are available to help you, to guide you, and to be with you when you need them.  We can access them through calm mind, meditation, and by listening to a consistent rhythm (shamanic journey). ”