Intuition Enhancement with Owl, Snake, Butterfly, Wolf, Beaver Online Series

Five Sessions (online only)- Sundays January 28, February 11 and 25, March 11 and 25 11am-12:15pm MST
Expand into your New Self! When it is time to melt into something new or molt away the old, there is no holding it back. When it is time to become one’s new Self, it is time. Give in to the powers of the sacred Owl, Snake, Butterfly, Wolf and Beaver for personal transformation.


This Intuition Enhancement Training series provides a structure for the transformation process to take place, so that a person can give in to their Intuitive Nature more fully. If you are called to the realm of the Animist/ Shamanic, you feel you are being asked to undergo a Spiritual Transformation (again) and learn to hunt and build what you need, then you are ready to go deeper into your shamanic practice. You are invited to join this series. :)

Quynn Red Mountain is your your host and sacred space holder. Owl, Snake, Butterfly, Wolf and Beaver will be your teachers as we embark on guided meditations and journeys to the Spirit World for needed guidance.

Caterpillar dissolves itself to become Butterfly and Snake sheds it’s skin to grow. Both animals go through powerful transformations in order to become who they are born to be. Owl flies silently and sees in the dark. The Wolf has been a horribly misunderstood animal by many cultures and because of this, a perfect symbol for the shamanic people of the Earth’s past. Beavers are ingenious builders, orchestrating megalith dams that can change the flowing course of entire rivers. These qualities will be our guides~

How can these animals help you understand the strengths of your intuition? What are the gifts that you want to expand? Where do you need to grow and leave your old skin behind? What are you ready to hunt, and what wants to be built by you? How are you becoming your New Self? Each session let the rhythmic beats of the journey call on these animals to help you in the ways you most need now. Your imagination will interpret the messages and help you express in your life what is shown to you. You do not need to be working as a Spiritual Practitioner at this time to join this series. An open mind and heart is what you need now.

*This series is open to people who are confident in their journeying ability, as well as those who are new to the practice. If you need guidance about journeying – scroll down for guidance and audio files 

Also included:
-5 guided meditations, each one related to one of the 5 animals. Links to download are sent to participants. Sessions are recorded for those unable to attend live. 
Donation: $75 for series or $15 per session

Commitment to the entire series is expected, and the tuition can be paid in increments, but by committing to this series, you are agreeing to the total amount, even if you cannot attend all sessions. Contact Quynn for details.

Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain, Shamanic Intuitive and Founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts. More info about Quynn at