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Ala Cart mp3 Shamanic Journeys with Quynn-
Only $3 each

When you are interested in practicing the shamanic arts for personal healing and inner world expansion, the way to do that is to PRACTICE, journey by journey. Ask from your open mind and heart, and you will receive guidance.  Each mp3 audio file is recorded, edited and narrated by Quynn Elizabeth.  Let Quynn be your Inner World guide!

Quynn Elizabeth Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and founder of The Institute for the Shamanic Arts offers ala-cart  pre-recorded audio journeys for you to practice when you are ready and able!  For journeying guidance please see the Online Learning page.


Here is a sample of Quynn’s drumming.   Listen with headphones for best results.

Words from a Journeyer…This journey was very expansive, I was in a dizzy daze when I was about to slip through. I’m amazed at the quality of the sound on these digital files. It was as if I was there right next to Quynn drumming in the twilight. I slipped right in…..



DSC01319Shamanic Journeys AVAILABLE in MEDIA LIBRARY :  $3 each

All Journeys are between 13 and 19 minutes.  They include a short introduction to the topic, the drum journey, and a short close.  Upon purchase you will receive an email with a download link in BLUE.   If you have questions, please contact Quynn.


New Journeys are added regularly- If you would like to receive a new journey a week for only $10 a month, consider joining Quynn’s Audio Journey Club!


Upper World Allies Drum Journey

Healing with the Drumbeats

Healing your Heart

Tending your Needs

Connect with your Ancestors of Wisdom

Connect with the Akashic Records

Honoring New Phases

A Tribe of One Intro

Soul Retrieval Intro

Illumination of Change

Feeling Satisfied Journey

All digital files are copyrighted by Earth Web Media and are intended for your personal use only. By downloading any digital products from our website, you agree not to distribute in any format or to copy, except for personal use, the downloaded files.  Enjoy!


Quynn’s Top 5 Tips for Journeying

  1. You have a natural ability to connect with your personal Spirit World so Don’t Doubt Yourself!
  2. You are not going anywhere that is foreign or dangerous.  This is your inner world.
  3. If you get stuck, or feel unsure, ask a question and/or ask for help.
  4. If you begin to feel that you are “thinking” your way through journey (instead of letting it come to you), pause, breathe and listen to the rhythm.
  5. Trust that you will experience whatever you need most right now and if you don’t understand what is happening, ask for a guide to assist you.


If you are interested in expanding your abilities in the shamanic arts, healing the emotions that cause you pain, and remembering how to communicate with the world around you, at your own pace, these downloadable journeys are for you.

“Quynn’s classes have helped me to reconnect to my own spiritual path. I am able to explore my connection to the Universe and find the path that already exists within me.”

“Your website is fabulous and your voice is so calming and encouraging. I look forward to success with my inner journeying.”