ONLINE Live Shamanic Journey Circles

DSC09865There are multiple LIVE Shamanic Journey circles: 
Journey Circles happen on the 8 SACRED EARTH DAYS:
August 1,  September 22, October 31, December 21 and Feb 2 2018

Join in the next Circle: Thursday, December 21,  2017  5:45-7pm MST

Consult your Ancestors and Guides on this Sacred Earth and Sun Day!

Divination is used. Quynn will open the circle and drum for your journey.  A guided Meditation will also be shared. This is either a Video or Audio Only Circle (depending on Quynn’s location and connection).

“This was such a beautiful experience! I was able to start my day off with amazing people right in the comfort of my house and pj’s. I also didn’t have to drive and find a baby sitter. I will definitely be at future Online Journey Circles!”

Quynn will ask you to focus on an intention that you need most in that moment, (she will offer a journey divination prompt) and then she will continuously drum for a number of minutes…Your Spirit World is waiting for you. Use this time to relax, rejuvenate and explore.  Receive Spirit guided assistance about important life subjects- love, work, health, and soul purpose.  You can ask questions and share in this circle.

Requested donation is $5. You can offer a Sliding Scale Donation, starting at $0 (enter your custom donation amount in price box). The recorded circle is emailed afterward to those who donate $5, and members of the Web of Life Journey Club.  Donations support Earth Web Media, our Animist “church”.


Rhythms of Mindfulness Journey Circle-

The fourth Friday of every month 10-11am MST

“Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to the internal and external experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.” from Wikipedia
This once a month daytime circle is an opportunity to connect with our inner worlds and your healing helpers through the art of meditative mindfulness and sound rhythms. All are welcome.
Guided meditation helps us expand our possibilities, calmness and self confidence while we practice our own skills. Our guidance system is helpful when we ask.
In this circle Quynn will share the powers of guided meditation, rattle, gentle drum, bells and singing bowl.
Allow Quynn’s words and rhythms help you Meditate, Ponder, Travel and Experience the wonders of your inner landscape for what is needed most for you right now.
This circle is offered for $5 and the recording is free for members of the Web of Life Journey Club- Join below!

Soul Tending Shamanic Journey Circle

Join, or meet, your Ancestors, Guides and Spirit Allies in your Inner World Safe Space.  A place of inner calm, even in the worst of storms. Travel with the drumbeats to connect with your sanctuary of protection, perspective and peace.  Quynn is your guide and drummer.

This circle takes place in Our Nest, a safe space for you.  Even if you have never gone on a “shamanic journey”, and/or you do not know where your inner world “safe space” might be, you are welcome in this circle. Let’s journey within, for strength and serenity.

This circle is offered by sliding scale $8-$20. Please enter your donation amount. YOUR ENTRY LINK WILL BE IN YOUR EMAIL RECEIPT.


(We begin the circle 2 minutes after start time. Please give yourself enough time to enter room and be on time. Thank you.)
We use for this audio circle. Your BLUE entrance link will be in your payment receipt.
It will look like this-


Please note that Quynn is not a counselor or licensed therapist.  Quynn offers these circles to assist each participant in their own healing experience.

 If you would like to become a member of the Web of Life Journey Club, you can do so here!

REFUNDS:  Refunds will be given if Quynn has a tech issue that makes it so the circle cannot happen, or that the circle is stopped midway due to a technical issue on Quynn’s end.  Refunds will NOT be given if you are not able to attend, or for tech issues on your end.  You need to check your technology before the circle to make sure that zoom is installed and able to run on your device.


 Love the online circles. It makes it so easy for working folks. I don’t have to rush from work to home and then to an event. 

“This was such a beautiful experience! I was able to start my day off with amazing people right in the comfort of my house and pj’s. I also didn’t have to drive and find a baby sitter. I will definitely be at future Online Journey Circles!”

This journey was very expansive, I was in a dizzy daze when I was about to slip through. I’m amazed at the quality of the sound on these digital files. It was as if I was there right next to Quynn drumming in the twilight. I slipped right in…..

I was amazed at how clear and three dimensional the sound was. It felt like you were right there next to me! Your guidance was comforting and relaxing. At the end of the hour I felt very refreshed and inspired.

picture006Get Answers.  Feel Connected. Rejuvenate your Spirit. Let Quynn be your Guide.  Share your Journey.

To have the best experience PLEASE:
Wear headphones/earbuds
Be in a quiet room
Mute yourself upon entry

Quynn uses the I Ching and Animal Cards as part of the divination process to assist in bringing clarity for participants life challenges.  An excellent journey and perfect insights with each of the card selections and messages that came through for me with the cards and drumming. Whatever circumstances that one is experiencing in life, experiencing a drumming session is a great way to get a bit of clarity.

This circle is about YOU.
Personal Spiritual time for YOU.