Restoring your WellSprings of Power-8 week series

WellSpring- An original and bountiful source of something

Imagine that you have eight WellSprings of Power in your energy field that have been with your lineage for a thousand generations. Each wellspring is a direct connection to your sacred ancestry and personal power. In past generations it was understood how important these wellsprings are. As you can imagine, these places of power have been disrespected through personal and ancestral trauma. Are they ready to be tended and restored?

This series focuses on each of your eight energy centers from toes to head. Each session offers two drum journeys where you have the opportunity to tend your sacred waters, your source of nourishment and replenishment, in your power centers. Clear and process what is ready to be tended. Through imagination and intention, you will learn what is most important for you to do to restore your sacred springs of balanced Power for this life, and beyond.

All are welcome, even those with little shamanic journeying experience. However, this is not an instructional class about journeying. Come and dive in, your guides will teach you.

This series takes place in Our Nest and Online

Donation $120.00

8 Weekly donations $15.00 per week

Your entry link will be in your E-Receipt or emailed to you upon registration.

Participation in all segments is expected, but if you are drawn yet cannot attend all sessions, you are still welcome to participate.

We meet in Our Nest in downtown Tucson, AZ. Participants can also join Live online using

Whether in person or online, you are able to ask questions and share during the 90 minute meetings. Together, we contemplate and explore the subjects explored in the workshop in focus. In each live session, as well as in each audio mp3 workshop and journey, Quynn guides you within yourself to ask questions, set intentions, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides for answers and help you need NOW. Quynn’s rattle and drumbeats will part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.


~Quynn as your Guide~ Quynn was taught by her Spirit Guides how to journey and connect within, and now she helps others connect with their Spirit World in their unique way.

She says “You have a “Spirit World” that has been with you since before you were born. Your Ancestors and Guides in Spirit form are available to help you, to guide you, and to be with you when you need them. We can access them through calm mind, meditation, and by listening to a consistent rhythm (shamanic journey). ”

To consciously enter the spirit world/inner world/dreaming mind while listening to consistent rhythm ( including dancing or singing), allows us to access the realms that are generally available to little children, our dreamstate, and as we prepare to pass from this life. The “simple” act of focusing inward, and listening for those that are already waiting for you, is like coming Home. These inner teachers, healers, guides and guardians have been with you since before you were born. We have animals, ancestors, angels, and wise ones who want to help us heal old wounds, and activate our authentic self.