Personal Development Series are offered at various times of the year
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This is a 4 part series, to support ourselves and each other in our efforts to manifest fabulous and needed ideas for the highest good in your community! Yay!

Creation and Manifestation is the purpose of this circle, and Quynn is your manifestation coach, holding space to inspire new ways to birth ideas, dreams, visions and projects that can bring blessings to the Dream Builder (you!), and beyond.

In this personal development series, Artists of all sorts will use shamanic practices to access the ancient skills of Hunting, Fishing, Gathering and Gardening to magnetize ideas that will bring us the prosperity and community we need in the coming year. We gather to inspire, support, and cultivate ideas, in the presence of like minded people, related to our endeavors of spiritual creation. This circle is open to all who are ready to consider themselves as Change Making Artists, no matter what their art may be.

Give your Ideas a Boost!


Medical Marijuana Patients, Those in Recreational states, and anyone who feels the power of THC and/or CBD

Join Quynn Red Mountain for a series of 7 audio circles (Live Online and in Our Nest in Tucson) that can help you strengthen your spiritual relationship with Cannabis (Marijuana) while using it as medicine for the Body, Mind and Soul.

Cannabis is a powerful spiritual teacher and soul healer that has been with humanity for thousands of years. More people are now able to legally access Cannabis through medical marijuana programs, as well as through state legalization. Due to the prohibition of this plant for so long, there have been many unhelpful attitudes professed about this sacred plant, and many people have had negative attitudes or experiences about or with Cannabis. There is also a lack of spiritual guidance about this medicine and the emotions, thoughts, visions and visitations it can bring out for those who commune with her.

A TRIBE OF ONE-An Introductory Series

Explore your Shamanic Animist Self and Remember your TRIBE- 

5 Part Series 


It is the perfect time for you to heed the call of your Animist Ancestors and listen within for their guidance.

As you remember your ways of Spirit, and hone your Intuitive abilities, you remember, and find, your TRIBE.

When you feel ready to take your Soul Healing Practice (with Self and/or Others) to another level, this introductory training series is for you!

Explore your animist nature, ancestry and abilities so you can become a confident Tribe of One. As you strengthen your connection to your Spirit Tribe, they teach you how to be a strong Tribe of One, so you can be of service to Self and Community.

The Sacred Art of Divination-Interactive Workshop 

Divination systems are used by people all over the world when we need answers that the rational mind cannot offer. Whether with leaf, card, stone, bone or cloud, we have the ability to communicate with the living world around us with the sacred art of Divination.

Learn how asking the most meaningful and careful questions, and interpreting the answers can help you become aware of what is most needed at the time.
You will not receive instruction about any one particular form of divination, we will focus on helpful ways to make the most of your experience with your divination of choice. Also, Quynn shares her personal ways of working with divinitory tools, not THE way. There is no 1 way. Get to know YOUR way.
Bring your favorite system if you have it. We have some to share as well.

Understanding Spirits-Intuitive Enhancement Workshop for All 

Join Quynn to explore your relationships with the Spirits that are communicating with you. We all can feel, know, hear, see, or even taste non-physical beings in our presence. This circle is an opportunity to get more clarity about which are your helpful relationships with Spirits, as well as ones that are not helpful to you. Strengthen your center so you can communicate and protect yourself more effectively, in the Spirit world, as well as the world around you.

We will use divination, guided meditation and drum journey as our tools for this exploration. You can, with the best fit tools for you, learn to understand who is communicating with you, so you can work together for the highest good, as well as clean inner house when needed.

WE-Spiritual Support Circle for Sensitives & Earth Keepers

This spiritual support circle is focused on guided meditation, a drum journey and sharing.

At various times, many of us have experiences that regular culture cannot explain, and often we cannot explain them with our rational mind. For many, these experiences are deemed negative, weird, crazy or scary by the world, and so they go unexplored by the person having them. This circle is a spiritual support circle for those who have, or have had, visionary experiences and a felt sense beyond the 5 senses. In a safe circle, this is an opportunity to hold space for your experiences as a version of “normal”. Then Quynn will offer a guided journey, and drum journey, to go within for guidance, communication and connection with the experiences each person is having.

This circle is about problem solving, (if what you are experiencing is ‘troublesome’) and building skills for your spiritual support and enhancement. You will be guided to enlist support and help from your Spirit Guides and Ancestors, so you can listen more clearly for the messages coming through, to know what they want of you. All of this happens in the company of other likeminded/hearted People. Through this shared experience comes a sense of “WE”, where we feel less lonely, strange or misunderstood and can emerge more confident, open hearted and clear-headed.

 In Between Yin and Yang- Gender Fluidity and the Animist Path

There is a large Gray area in between these two opposites. 

This circle is for those who feel to be in between, or outside, accepted societal gender roles. Traditionally speaking, many who are called by their Animist ancestors to shamanize are ‘in between’ the polarities of masculine and feminine energies, thereby able to access the Spirit World and resonate a healing energy for their People.  This is still true today.

This circle is open to anyone who feels they are a person of Blended Gender (in all of the diverse beauty!), and also who feel called to being a Bridge between Worlds.  Quynn, a blended spirited Shamanic Practitioner, will speak about this subject, share a guided rattle meditation and then a drum journey. The rattle and drumbeats will take each person where you need to go to learn more about your personal relationship with helpful Spirits within. Sharing about the drum experience is available, yet not mandatory.

We are all Kin-Intro to Intuitive Shamanic Animism

The world is alive and we are a part of it! This introductory circle, hosted by Quynn Red Mountain (founder of Intuitive Shamanic Animists and shamanic practitioner for 20 years) explores these three words INTUITIVE SHAMANIC ANIMISM in ways that are important on personal and planetary levels.

How do these words affect and apply to you?

How can these ideas help you live more fully in the dreamed reality of our culture?

What is your place in a world that honors these three realities?

How can I enhance and share my intuitive gifts?

Quynn will share her perspective of these levels of reality, and then she will share a rattle guided meditation, and drum journey. This is a perfect way to learn more about Shamanic Animism, and why it calls you to it. This circle is open to all, with any level of “shamanic journeying” ability!

Connecting with Spirit Guides-An Introduction to the Inner World Journey with Quynn

Spirit Guides come in many, many forms and it can be confusing to try to understand what is being shared with you.

This workshop will use guided meditation and the shamanic journey to help you go within and gain clarity in knowing your Spirit Guides (maybe there is One right now who wants your attention) and how you can help each other.

Learn how to maneuver more effectively within your Inner Wilderness, Ask Questions and Interpret Answers and most importantly, how to LISTEN with your whole spirit to what your guides are trying to tell you.  You will gain clarity and helpful information about your inner guidance.

This workshop is for journeying beginners, and those who are interested in learning more about ISA’s Full Circle approach to shamanic journeying.

Crystals as Teachers and Portals

This circle is an opportunity to use the shamanic journey to communicate with any crystal friend that you want to get to know better, and listen to more clearly. The drumbeats can open the door of communication between you and the stone friends that you bring with you. You may get more clarity about what they want, how they can help you, and how to honor them so your connection can strengthen.

Spirit World Apprentice- Introduction to the Spirit World Drum Journey

“You have ancestors that knew the ways of the Earth, and who knew how to connect with the Spirit World. They are in your DNA. You can call upon them and ask them to whisper to you what to do in these times.” This was spoken in Quynn’s head many journeys ago. She was in Moab, Utah and a Spirit Voice answered her question “Where is my Tribe?”

The Spirit Voice speaks to you too. You too have ancestors who want to guide you. You have a direct connection to the Spirit World, and all of the guidance and healing found there. You “apprentice” to your Spirit Guides and they share their wisdom with you.

This circle is perfect to those who feel called to the shamanic path, yet with no shamanic experience, as well as those who have journeyed before, yet are not familiar with this particular approach to shamanizing.

Bridge between Worlds!- Shamanic Spirit Circle for LGBTQ People

Worldwide, Ones called to the Healing path are humans who are able to access the various worlds beyond our physical realm. They are called by the Spirit World to be bridges between realities, and balance there to access helpful knowledge for their community.

This means that the initiate is in between, or outside, accepted societal gender roles. Traditionally speaking, many who are called by their Animist ancestors to shamanize are ‘in between’ the polarities of masculine and feminine energies, thereby able to access the Spirit World and resonate a healing energy for their People. This is still true today.

This circle is open to anyone who feels they are in between the binary (in all of the diverse beauty!), and also who feel called to being a Bridge between Worlds. Quynn, a blended spirited Shamanic Practitioner, will speak about this subject, share a guided rattle meditation and then a drum journey to connect with a Spirit Guardian and Ally needed most now. The rattle and drumbeats will take each person where they need to go to learn more about their personal relationship with their spirits within. Sharing about the drum experience is available, yet not mandatory.

Allies are welcome to attend.

Spells and Curses We Live By- Shamanic Workshop-

A Spell= A spell, ( incantation or charm is a set of words, spoken or unspoken, considered by its user to invoke some magical effect. Words matter, and words strung together in an intentional way can, and does, shape reality. The words you speak, think, believe, invoke, cast and pray, DO MATTER.

Use the shamanic journey to understand the spells (‘good’ and ‘bad’) you cast in your life, spells that have been thrust upon you, as well as the spells that you have come to believe. Another layer of Spelling is to learn to see any spells that were cast by/cast upon your ancestors (sometimes called “curses”).

We will go on two shamanic journeys, with Quynn drumming for you. Open to people with all levels of journeying experience. We will also write a beneficial spell for our own lives.

Exploring Past Lives and DNA Memories 

Many people feel that past life experiences influence their current life, in known and unknown ways. Getting to the root of a current issue/block/behavior (as well as your sacred ability/calling) might involve connecting with an experience, or series of experiences, from the time before you were born here. It doesn’t necessarily matter how strongly you believe in “past lives”, because seeking the root story about an issue is always helpful, even if you cannot prove that it is “true”. Join us for this time traveling adventure of healing and activation!

Your inner worlds are infinite and your genetic memory is long. Thanks to our understanding of what scientists call DNA, we have a way, a ladder, a twisting, spiraling life rope to travel with the rhythm. Each step, each rung, each drumbeat, takes you where you need to go.

Utilize the shamanic journey to find out more about past lives of your Soul and DNA that are affecting you right now!

Quynn will drum for you twice. Need some journeying instruction? Check this out!!!

Quynn is not a certified counselor or healthcare provider, and therefore she does not assess, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness, mental or physical.  These sessions should be used in companion with your health care provider’s recommendations.

Thank you, Quynn. Your drumming really opened me up. It was very moving and insightful for me.

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I also acknowledge that unless for workshops deemed PRIVATE, the audio portion of Quynn’s words, participant’s words/sharing and rhythm in these workshops will be recorded and/or transcribed and be made available to the participants of the series. Quynn’s words and rhythm (no sharing) will be made available as recorded courses at the website at some point in the future.