Shamanic Power Hour with Quynn

Join Quynn Red Mountain for an adventure into Shamana ! 

You can watch/listen anytime!


power hourGoogle Plus Hangouts on Air with Quynn- Join her for the Shamanic Power Hour!    Watch Quynn’s show  above (all episodes are available), or watch it on her QuynnFynn channel on YouTube.  For approximately 30 minutes (never exactly) Quynn speaks and drums about Shamana Power!  (The name “power hour” is used to poke fun of linear time as witnessed by the mechanical clock.  Time is relative and we experience sacred time!)


Join her in her Spirit House!
Quynn will share a shamanic story.  You can listen to a bit of Quynn’s rhythmic drum,  and Quynn shares her thoughts about modern Shamanic life for those of us in the New Tribes.  The subjects are offered as entertainment, education and divination. :)   It’s here when you need it.

This time in Google+ hangout is an opportunity to get to know Quynn,  listen to Quynn’s drumming for a short shamanic journey, and experience elements of Shamana as it applies to you.


Shamanic Power Hour with Quynn