Shamanic Webinars

Join Quynn Red Mountain for meaningful live and interactive webinars about a variety of subjects related to Animism, shamanic practice, soul healing, intuition restoration and inner world communication.


We use for all online journey circles and webinars.  If you have never used Zoom, please take a moment and go through the simple installation process (on computer or mobile app) before start time of event.


Upcoming Webinars:

Connecting with Spirit Guides-An Introduction
Thursday, December 7   6:30-8:30pm MST

Spirit Guides come in many, many forms and it can be confusing to try to understand what is being shared with you.

This workshop will use guided meditation and the shamanic journey to help you go within and gain clarity in knowing your Spirit Guides (maybe there is One right now who wants your attention) and how you can help each other.

Learn how to maneuver more effectively within your Inner Wilderness, Ask Questions and Interpret Answers and most importantly, how to LISTEN with your whole spirit to what your guides are trying to tell you.  You will gain clarity and helpful information about your inner guidance.

This workshop is for journeying beginners, and those who are interested in learning more about ISA’s Full Circle approach to shamanic journeying.

Offered by sliding scale $10-$25 depending on financial situation. All are welcome.


 In Between Yin and Yang- Gender Fluidity and the Animist Path


There is a large Gray area in between these two opposites. 

This circle is for those who feel to be in between, or outside, accepted societal gender roles. Traditionally speaking, many who are called by their Animist ancestors to shamanize are ‘in between’ the polarities of masculine and feminine energies, thereby able to access the Spirit World and resonate a healing energy for their People.  This is still true today.

This circle is open to anyone who feels they are a person of Blended Gender (in all of the diverse beauty!), and also who feel called to being a Bridge between Worlds.  Quynn, a blended spirited Shamanic Practitioner, will speak about this subject, share a guided rattle meditation and then a drum journey. The rattle and drumbeats will take each person where you need to go to learn more about your personal relationship with helpful Spirits within. Sharing about the drum experience is available, yet not mandatory.

Offered sliding scale $3-$20-
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Quynn is not a certified counselor or healthcare provider, and therefore she does not assess, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness, mental or physical.  These sessions should be used in companion with your health care provider’s recommendations.






Thank you, Quynn. Your drumming really opened me up. It was very moving and insightful for me.