Weaving Well through Illness-Shamanic Healing Online Series

Weaving Well through Illness-A 7 part Healing Series with Quynn Red Mountain

This series takes place in Tucson and Online over Seven Fridays July 6, 13, 20, 27 and August 3, 10, 17 10-11:30 am MST

What is your “illness” or “dis-ease” trying to convey to you? It is a good time to listen to the Spirits of your Sickness.

In our modern culture people of all ages get “sick” for many reasons. It is not a failing to fall “Ill”.  Harmful Chemicals. Toxic Environments. Painful Childhoods. Addiction. Abuse. Sadness. There are an infinite number of ingredients that can help “Dis-Ease” of the Mind Body and Spirit manifest. If you are “Sick”, Feel “Sick” or are afraid of getting “Sick”, take the time now to walk your soul mending path with meditation, guided imagery and shamanic journeying to listen within for the messages that are waiting for you.  The time now is for Change.

An Animist worldview says that every thing has a Spirit and that we are all connected. Even a “sickness” has some kind of Spirit and that we can enter into dialog with it.  Although the western culture tells us we need to fight it or try to kill it, what changes if we choose to listen? Shamanic cultures (all of which are Animist cultures) understand that listening to the Spirits of our sickness, and restoring balance in the physical and spirit world, can help us “Heal”. This series takes us on that journey towards healing. What we find is unknown at this point in the journey, but if we trust the process, and our Guides (all of us have them!), we will see ourselves, and that which is out of Balance, in a new light.

When one is called, or caught, (depending on one’s view) by a profound and life affecting energy that we call “dis-ease”, we can think of it as an enemy to fight, or a teacher from whom to learn.  


Sickness is a Spiritual Awakening – a wake up call.  When one’s body says “it is time to listen”, it is time to walk your soul mending path with meditation, guided imagery and shamanic journeying to listen to your Body, Mind, Ancestors and Your Soul.  Healing takes many forms and we can all use shamanic tools to listen to the Spirits of Sickness that may be within, rather than deny or fight it.

We meet for 90 minutes each Wednesday for seven weeks through www.zoom.us (audio only). You have an opportunity to listen to an introduction to the subject of the day, and then a guided meditation and drum journey, guided by Quynn.  You also have the opportunity to listen to other people share about their journey experiences, and share with the group, through voice or chat, if you so choose. Sharing is NOT mandatory.


This live online series focuses on the following 7 important areas of soul healing when One is dealing with illness of the mind, body and/or soul.
Week 1: Assembling Your Healing Team
Week 2: Listen to your Physical Body 
Week 3: Listen to Past Soul Wounds of your Life
Week 4: Address Past Life & Ancestor Soul Wounds
Week 5: Our Shadow and Light-Accepting Fear & Anger, Hope & Gratitude
Week 6: Claim Your Healing Powers
Week 7: Say Yes to Spiritual Warriorship

Each of the seven subject areas is addressed with meditation, guided imagery and shamanic journeying.  Quynn is your sacred guide.  No shamanic journey or meditation experience is necessary, having an open mind is necessary.

In the safe space of the Circle, and to the rhythmic beats of the drum and rattle, you can become aware of the “Illness” Spirit(s) within and listen for their messages.  Heartfelt revelations and helpful guidance can come forth.


Also included: 
-Weaving Well through Illness E Course-Over 7 hours of audio workshops recorded from a previous Weaving Well series. Listen at your convenience for more insights, meditations and journeys.
-Recordings of each live class- Links to download the seven audio files are sent to all participants.


Sliding Scale for Series (including E-Course):  $70-$250 depending on your financial situation
($70 amount is offered to those out of work directly due to illness)

Options for payments are available

If you feel called, yet cannot afford $70 contact Quynn @ earthwebmedia(at)gmail(dot)com

This series is designed for those who have received a devastating diagnosis or when One is “caught” by a mysterious or emotionally devastating cycle of sickness. Quynn describes Illness and Sickness as anything that inhibits your Wellness.  This course, series and information are offered from Quynn’s experience and should be used as a complement to treatments suggested by your health professional.  Always listen to your inner healer.

Reflections from past participants:

“I loved this “Weaving Well” group. Each week was a different topic and that was wonderful and thought provoking. It was my first experience with journey drumming, and I found that it is exactly what I needed.”

“The Weaving Well series was fantastic! I experienced true healing, deeper awareness, connection to myself and my ancestors. I had profound shifts and healings!”

“This has been a profoundly powerful 7 week journey for me.  My first time journeying with rattle and drum, calling on Spirit Guides and meeting with emotions as actual characters, talking with them and dealing with them. Thank you!”


The companion book referenced in class is Peace with Cancer- Shamanism as a Spiritual Approach to Healing by Myron Eshowsky.

Learn more about the “Shamanic Side of Sickness” HERE



Your guide is Quynn Red Mountain

  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Ceremonialist
  • Spiritual  Guide

picture006Quynn is an ordained Animist Minister for Earth Web Media’s “Web of Life Church” and the founder of “The Institute for the Shamanic Arts” (the spiritual education branch of EWM).

In early 2014 Quynn was diagnosed with a rare form of “Cancer” and used her shamanic tools to weave her way through the challenge to yield the most beneficial results.  Many personal and professional teachings came from the experience including; intense soul wound healing, increasing her compassion for those (herself included) with a physical “ailment”,  and knowing that she needed to create shamanically oriented health support services for others who are having their own experience with physical imbalance.


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