Animist Shamanic Training

 Quynn Red Mountain offers a variety of Personal Development and Vocational trainings, in person and online each year.  Below you will find upcoming opportunities!
Each series varies in length and purpose, and some have particular prerequisites.

Idea-YAY! Winter Manifestation Series for Dream Builders-Online and In Tucson

Four Mondays:  January 8, 15, 22, and 29 6pm-7:30pm MST live ONLINE and in Tucson, AZ  (35 E Toole Ave downtown)
 Creation and Manifestation is the purpose of this circle, and Quynn is your manifestation coach, holding space to inspire new ways to birth ideas, dreams, visions and projects that can bring blessings to the Dream Builder (you!), and beyond.

Shadow and Light- Healing Practitioner Training Intro Series

4 Saturdays/4 months in Tucson:  January 13, 2018, February 10, March 10, April 14         10am-4pm

Becoming a Shamanic Practitioner takes years and ultimately only the Spirits choose who is called to be a practitioner in a shamanic way.  Many healing practitioners are needed in this world, so even if you are not be called to be a Shamanic Practitioner you will benefit if you incorporate Animist and Shamanic skills and tools into your practice.  This series can help you strengthen your connection to your Spirits, so you can understand your calling and implement your gifts into the world.

This training is for those who feel called to be a healing practitioner and are ready to: 

1) Connect with your Spirit World, Guides and Ancestors through the shamanic journey and dreamwork to learn about your intuitive gifts (empathic, shamanic, psychic,and energetic ). 

2) Look at, listen to, and tend, aspects of your “Shadow” Self (personal and ancestral) with support of Spirit and Human allies, in order to more fully hold space for others and their “Shadows”.

3)Explore opportunities to practice your intuitive gifts with like minded people in an energetically safe environment that all participants create together. 

4) Accept the call to share one’s gifts in service to the Sacred Web of Life.

5) Create personal ceremonies and practitioner practices that are meaningful to you.


Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment Program (Tucson)

The next 12 month training program will begin in April of 2018

Find out more HERE








Enhance your skills in holding space for Earth honoring People in your community-

Beginning in May 2018, we meet for 2 hours (10am-noon MST) live ( on the first and third, Sunday of each month to discuss the current subjects and independent exercises, as well as to experience meditations and shamanic journeys, guided by Quynn.  We use a private forum to share experiences in between live meetings. Meetings will be recorded, but participants are required to attend at least one of the two monthly live meetings.  



ONLINE and in Tucson- A Tribe of One-Express your Shamanic Self- 5 Part Training Series 

Date/Time: TBA

Explore your shamanic nature, ancestry and abilities so you can become a confident Tribe of One. As you strengthen your connection to your Spirit Tribe, they teach  you how to be a strong Tribe of One, so you can be of service to Self and Community.We meet each week for 5 weeks. Each session builds on the other, as we focus on a different chapter in “A Tribe of One”. In each chapter Quynn shares stories, along with exercises for personal healing growth and shamanic exploration. In each session will include a guided meditation and drum journey to explore each person’s Tribe of One-ness.  Learn more and Register HERE

In Tucson and Online-Explore your Inner World 7 Week series
Dates: Seven Sundays In Tucson and ONLINE WITH QUYNN-
TBA  10-11:30am MST

This experiential and expansive workshop series includes, and follows, the Explore your Spirit World E-Course, created and recorded by Quynn, which includes Seven 1 hour (approx) mp3 workshops that guide you to connect with your own personal Spirit World.

Online and in Tucson-


Dates: TBA (Spring 2018)

Soul Restoration is a Necessary Part of Healing the Past and Living your Authentic Life.

You (everyone) have had experiences in your life that have shut you down, or slowed your progression towards healing. Many ancestors through the generations have experienced trauma, and then passed it along in actions and attitudes. The more you know about why, the more you can integrate those lost, confused, doubtful, angry or sad parts so you can move forward towards your Soul’s calling. What parts of you are ready to “come home” so you can more beautifully move in the direction of your “Soul’s Call”. Which ancestors who are “like you” want to be reclaimed by you? 

Week One-Tending the Spirits of the Past
Week Two-Forgiving/Restoring the Mother and Father Lines
Week Three-Healing the Ties that Bind and Unwinding Soul Tangles
Week Four-Reanimating your Goddess and Reclaiming Star Ancestors


Tucson- Snake, Butterfly, Wolf and Beaver- Four Week Shamanic Intuition TrainingFour Monday evenings summer 2018 TBA

What is transforming? What are the gifts that you want to expand? Where do you need to grow and leave your old skin behind? What are you ready to hunt, and what wants to be built by you? How are you becoming your New Self? Each week let the rhythmic beats of the journey call on these animals to help you in the ways you most need now.  Your imagination will interpret the messages and help you express in your life what is shown to you. You do not need to be working as a Spiritual Practitioner at this time to join this series. An open  mind and heart is what you need now.

Sacred Body of my Ancestors-3 Part Series

This series is offered in Tucson and Live Online

Three Weeks: TBA

A “body” is described as the Bones, Flesh and Organs of our physical form. This physical home is made from our Ancestor’s stories and experiences that shaped them. Our bodies are maps, diaries and keys that can guide us through our lives, and they can also hold traumas and joys experienced by each ancestor that lived before.

This series is offered as an opportunity to use the rhythm of Quynn’s drum to go within your bones, flesh and organs of your sacred body, and listen to what the ancestors within want you to know about your pains (physical and emotional), and to help you live the best life you can in this moment. 


TBA Saturday 10-3 and Sunday 1-5

This Training emphasizes our Animist worldview and shamanic understanding, including offering respect and being open to communication with: animals, elements, plants, trees, spirit world, dream world, intuition, ancestors, spirit guides, other humans, and sacred self.  This path honors diversity in our human family, and that there are many ways to interact with the living worlds. Genders, in all expressions, are an important aspect of the Web of Life. 

*Animist Soul Medic- . An Animist who is committed to utilizing their skills to hold sacred space for their Earth Honoring Kin using peer-to-peer tools (see below).  An Animist Soul Medic is capable of holding space for those in need of spiritual support due to living in the dominant culture and in challenging life situations. Trained Animist Soul Medics utilize spiritual tools and ceremonies for clearing and balancing within Self and Communities.  

During Weekend One we will address:
1.   Animist Reality Awareness-The Web of Life includes All
2.   Unique needs for Animist People-The art of “Holding Space”
3.   Remaining Calm is a Revolutionary Act
4.    Grounding, Clearing and Balancing as Spiritual Maintenance
5.   We are a People-Empowering Diversity of Colors, Genders, Cultures