Become a Spirit Bridge-Personal and Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training

Our times need many skilled healing practitioners with Animist understanding to assist the spiritual needs of the Sacred Peoples (human and non-human) of this Earth.

**Please note- The contents of this training are beneficial to anyone who feels called to enhance/encourage and explore their intuitive abilities, whether or not you ever hang out a “shingle” for hire. Strengthening your inner knowing helps You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Community at Large. **

Earth Web Media (a legal Animist “Church”)  trains and empowers Earth Honoring People of all Genders, Cultures, and Bio=Regions who are called by their Ancestors to practice the intuitive and healing arts on behalf of, and in support of, people in their communities. Together we create a sacred Spirit Bridge to harmony within and between Humans, Non-Human Beings in all forms, and the Spirits of Earth and beyond.  


The current One Year Training is in session, and ends in April 2019.  

The next training begins Saturday, May 18, 2019-
We meet the 1st and 3rd Saturdays 10am-12pm MST until April 18, 2020
Live Online and/or in Tucson with Quynn



Quynn Red Mountain, OOlah (One Who Balances), Animist Minister and Shamanic Practitioner has created this training to assist those ready to dive deep into their sacred gifts by strengthening their relationships with their Animist Ancestors and connections with the Non-Human Beings who share this Earth.  Calling Earth Lovers, Spirit Listeners, Light Beings and Shadow Workers who are ready to deepen your intuitive practices and enhance your healing abilities in your role as a Spirit Bridge in your Community.  

In the Web of Life Tradition of Full Circle Animism, we call our healers who balance between the worlds for the good of others, Spirit Bridges (often called “Shamanic Healing Practitioners” in many spiritual circles). This name describes the role of Spirit Bridge in one’s community.

As children or adults we are individually called by our ancestors to balance between worlds to connect with the Spirit World guidance on another’s behalf.  At this starting point, we must endeavor to heal our personal soul wounds. This is no easy task, but it is necessary to return to the Circle of Balance, and to be able to begin to address our collective soul wounds as we lean into our own healing.

As we heal from personal and ancestral soul wounds, we progress towards our Vision. We learn by utilizing our natural gifts of intuition, inner vision, trance, empathic and psychic awareness to call upon our familial ancestors and synchronistic guides through time and space.  We become a Spirit Bridge for healing information and actions needed for health, healing, and balance in Person, Place and Relationship. We offer gratitude for all blessings from the Earth and offer ourselves in service in ways we are guided.

For those who are called to this vocation, these skills are ultimately taught from within. Humans are wonderful and challenging helpers and guides. Your ancestors are waiting to teach you when you are ready. Are you ready? Your community is waiting for your gifts. Quynn, and her Ancestors, are ready to guide you.


What is “Animism”?

  1. Everything, including multiple realities and states of consciousness, is connected with an immortal essence
  2. The worldview that non-human entities (animals, plants, and inanimate objects or phenomena) possess a spiritual essence
  3. Humans are one sentient People among many, and we are equal parts of the Sacred Web of Life
  4. Everyone can connect with the Web of Life without an intermediary

Many cultural groups could be called Animist (Pagan, Shamanic, Indigenous People and others), and more and more People consider themselves Animist. Are you an Animist?


Why Animism Now?

Over many generations Earth honoring People around the planet have experienced personal and ancestral traumas that have caused so much pain. Now we know that so many ailments of Mind Body and Spirit have roots in feeling the pains of separation from our Soul, the Earth and the sacred Web of Life. As we find support in our healing, we reconnect with our Soul, remember who we are, and rejoin the Web of Life.  That connection can be called “Animism”, and this awareness can help us to remember our path.



During our year together we will explore and practice:
1) Listening to inner guidance and building trust with internal Guides
2) Understanding your unique ways of intuitive perception in person and distance sessions 
3) Shamanic Journey, Rhythmic Trance (drum and rattle) and Divination skills in your own unique ways
4) Bringing light to shadow places within self , and holding space for other’s shadow
5) Learning appropriate ways to share messages and energy with another person as a practitioner
6)Tools and techniques for clearing, grounding, blessing and releasing
7)Creating your own brew of practitionership, based on your unique skill set, as guided by your ancestors



This one year online training includes:
Lessons, Personal Guidance and Practice in the following attributes of Spirit Bridge Practitionership with Guidance and Support from Quynn Red Mountain
  • It will be so invigorating to explore your tools of Intuition, Journey Communication Skills, Self Reflection, Empathic Awareness, Divination, Psychic Abilities, and your “Clairs” so you can enhance your skills in Spiritual and Ancestral De-Colonization work, Inner Child Rescue, Energy Balancing, Ancestral Connection and Healing, Soul Restoration, Clearing, Past Life Integration, Personal and Communal Ceremony, Drum and Rattle Trance and Light/Shadow Work for others in your family and community.
24 learning installments of live online interactive meetings with Quynn Red Mountain
  • Every two weeks we meet online together for 2 hours. When Quynn is in Tucson, anyone in town can join her in person (she intends to be in Tucson for months of May, June 1, July, August, October-April) and all meetings will be through During our live time together we explore each attribute with words (listening, sharing, writing) and exercises to practice our skills. Our intention is to unpack our personal relationships with these important attributes of practitionership so we are more able to relate to, and hold space for, others in a meaningful way. Each live time is a jumping off point. There are many directions that can be traveled on your own from each subject approached together.
    This session is recorded for listening anytime.
12 Opportunities to explore “Tuning In Experiences” with Self and Others in the Training and Beyond
  • This training offers opportunities to practice your Spirit Bridge abilities with self and others in the physical and digital worlds. Personal exercises are offered each month to help you tune in to patterns, messages and signs around you. Quynn will carefully set up trade partners within the group, and encourage Tuning In outside the group, so each trainee shares Tuning In Experiences with multiple people. These traded sessions have an agreement form to be signed and they occur through “breakout rooms” (or in person if mutually agreed and possible). Before any trades occur, issues of Safety, Holding Space, Consent and Communication are addressed.
  • Send Quynn your take-aways, challenges and insights (without revealing personal info about your partner) after each exercise and experience
4 Personal Check-In Conversations with Quynn Red Mountain
  • Each of the four seasons brings you another opportunity to connect with Quynn in a 30 minute check-in call or meeting to update progress and ask personal questions. Receive insight about your abilities and sharing them in the world.
12 month subscription to Quynn’s Earth and Sky Cycles Journey Club called Raven’s Circle
  • To strengthen your connections to the cycles around you, each Dark/New and Full Moon of the year you will receive an mp3 guided meditation, prayerful intention and drumming, approximately 20 minutes long. Also included- Near each of the Sacred 8 Days (Equinoxes, Solstices and Quarter Days)   you will receive an invitation to a live drum journey circle hosted by Quynn (approximately 1 hour with two drum journeys). The circle, minus personal shares, is recorded and available to Spirit Bridge trainees.
Access to Quynn’s companion audio workshop library for this training
  • Over 6 hours of mp3 workshops (approx 1 hour each), individual drum journeys and guided meditations related to subjects covered. Available for listen and download anytime.
Training expectations:
1) Interactive participation in sharing and contributing to posted subjects discussed in Private Facebook group
2) Exploration and research into your personal ancestral DNA lines (through DNA testing, family and spirit world research)
3) Being present live with group at least once a month (listening to recording for other monthly meetings is acceptable)
4) Scheduling and completing two sessions or readings a month with people in your physical or virtual world (for no fee), and documenting your experience (without sharing personal info of client) with Quynn
4) This training is created to be a Safe Space for People of all Genders, Cultures, and Skin Tones. 

This series is for those who are:
+ Called to the skills of the Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner, and are ready to share your gifts in deeper ways, as encouraged by your personal Ancestors and Guides.
+ Ready to add these skills to healing modalities you are already practicing (Including intuitive readings, psychic/empath work, coaching, body work, energy medicine, crystals, counseling, mentoring, and combos of all) to channel the energy that wants to come through you.  



As your practice grows, you will learn to understand:
*What your Guides want from you and how to express your gifts in the world
*How to live in the world with your abilities “open” and how to stay protected/centered
*How to create a niche for your services, how to let people know what you do and what you have to offer, as well as ethics and good practices for your healing practitionership
*The importance of being clear about aspects of your practice in relation to issues of cultural appropriation and personal ancestral authenticity.

Sliding Scale Tuition: $900-$1800 depending on your financial situation. 

Monthly or Quarterly payments are available. An agreement and release will be signed.

Partial scholarships are possible if you feel called to the program, but the low tuition is a challenge during this training year. When you apply, please include your request  and how much you can offer.


After you have sent Quynn your answers to the questions below, and have received confirmation that you are accepted into the program, please set up your monthly payment here.

 In order to apply for this training, you need to have training in at least one healing modality (Reiki 2+, Shamanic Practitioner with Quynn or other teacher, Massage, Energy Work, Coaching, Yoga, other)
Please Note:  To ensure that each participant is ready and able to fully participate, there is an application process for this training series.  If you are interested in attending, please email Quynn your answers to the following questions:

1) Do you have training or certification in any healing modality? Other related modality?
2) What do you feel your intuitive gifts to be?  
3) What do you want out of this training? 
4)When did you first feel your ‘calling’ to Animism?
5) Are you able to commit to this year training?

6) What donation amount are you able to offer?


Application does not ensure registration. There are a limited number of positions available for this training year. If you are not selected, please consider applying next year, or to a different program.


This training does not certify you a “Shaman”, or a Shamanic Practitioner.  During this series, Quynn helps you hear your calling of your unique ways of spiritual healing, and she holds space for you to learn from your animistic ancestors and inner teachers. Those who competently complete all Tuning In Experiences and submit feedback about 24 Learning Installments are eligible to say you completed this Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner Training in the Web of Life Tradition. A certificate of completion will be offered.


Your Human Guide, and the creator of this training, is Quynn Red Mountain. To find out more about Quynn, check her out HERE.


Reflections from past participants in Practitioner trainings with Quynn:

“I was at a point in my life where I needed to be reawakened into my purpose as a healer. You provided a safe and beautiful space for that purpose.”

“I felt welcomed and appreciated as a colleague and have needed this community to help me be at peace and to find strength with like minded and hearted folks.”

“I am reclaiming something that was lost to my family through time and persecution.  I had always felt something was missing in my life, there was a void, this class filled that void. Reconnecting with my guides and my true nature in this life is a priceless gift.”

“You think this series is about being a Healing Practitioner. It is and it isn’t.  This series is about embracing and accepting the healer energy already dwelling inside you. It was, by far and wide, the best thing I have ever invested in, both of my energy, commitment and monetary resources.”

You, this class have blessed and transformed me, given me the gift of myself that I had almost given up on searching for, and the words “thank you” do not even begin to cover the intensity and depth of my gratitude. It is like some sort of living embodiment of the Tao, or some magical entity you have called forth to heal, inspire and transform, not just us, but this world.”

“You provide a portal for infinite possibilities, without too much attachment to controlling the outcome.”

“Quynn, as always, conjures an outstanding circle. The energy channeled through her drumming touches people, myself included, and provides safety that is heard and felt in all the connected worlds.”

“Thank you for creating the space for me/us to PRACTICE….. I know that I wouldn’t be practicing on people without your encouragement and you having this class.”

“Quynn’s training series helped me to string together the pieces in my life that I now better perceive as Gifts, and provided the space to explore them.  Due to this series I feel more confident in my ability to connect with my Spirit Guides and am ambitious to continue exploring the lessons that the Spirits hold for me.”

“Quynn’s Practitioner workshop series has expanded my repertoire for my healing practice and helped me feel more comfortable using the shamanic techniques I have learned.  It also helped me to realize how at home I feel incorporating shamana into my life’s work.”

“I am grateful for this course as it has helped me to build confidence.  Being in this space is a relief because it is a place where I feel I can express the “unknown” without prejudice and judgment, and that is refreshing.”

“I learned much by simply observing and experiencing Quynn’s very skilled circle facilitation during the training. She demonstrates a certain fearlessness that cuts through, as well as her own deep honesty and presence—all of which makes her highly effective as a facilitator and trainer.”

“I loved all of the stages of this program and the transformation that we all experienced.  Every time we gathered for another day of journeying and sharing, it seemed like it was an orchestra of Spirits shaping and shifting our energies, putting us through powerful initiations.

“I would recommend this training to anyone seeking to develop their Animystic healing arts.  We all have gifts or talents in this area and Quynn is so adept at helping us to realize this.  The sessions gave us many opportunities to practice and develop our skills.  Quynn facilitates sessions that are respectful, safe and supportive of all participants.  They are quite affordable and so worthwhile.”


Apply to join Quynn in the next training series by contacting her today!