SOUL MEDIC-Animist Practitioner Training-3 Weekends

Do you know that there is a sacred Web of Life, and that you are a part of it? You are an Animist!

Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church seeks those who feel called to support Earth Honoring People in their communities as Animist Soul Medic Practitioners in the Web of Life tradition*.

*The Web of Life Tradition- We are all connected by, and an equal thread in, the Sacred Web of Life. Earth Web Media (a legal Animist “Church”)  trains and empowers Earth Honoring People of all Genders, Cultures, and Bio=Regions who are called by their Ancestors to practice the intuitive   and healing arts on behalf of, and in support of, people in their communities. Together we create a sacred bridge to harmony within and between Humans, Non-Human Beings in all forms, and the Spirits of Earth and beyond.  



The dominant culture is detrimental to Mystics, Intuitives and Healing Facilitators of the diverse Peoples around the world commonly called Shamanic, Animist and Pagan.  Many have been made to believe they are crazy, wrong, weird or evil for hearing the Earth Spirits and the Ancestors. As sensitive people in an increasingly mean culture, stress and trauma increase.  As we remember who we are and the necessity of our medicine skills for a sick world, we are called to heal our soul wounds and competently train ourselves in the ways available to us to hold space for people as they restore balance within themselves.  In the Web of Life Animist tradition, teachings and guidance come from Human teachers, as well as Nature Spirits, Non-Physical Teachers and Ancestors.


Calling those walking the nature honoring paths who have been called by the ancestors to be a Soul Medic for your community. You are already intuitively doing this work, so we call you to step into the role more consciously and carefully. Animist Soul Medics* are needed to tend the spiritual needs of our Earth Loving, Pagan, Animist, Witch and Queer communities.  Empaths, Sensitives, Energy Workers, your gifts are needed now, so be clear about your role and how to tend yourself while you work with Earth honoring People who are seeking you.



 Words that matter:

*”Animism” (from Latin animus, -i “soul, life“) is the worldview that non-human entities (animals, plants, and inanimate objects or phenomena) possess a spiritual essence and that we all live together in a Sacred Web of Life. See our Statement of Beliefs here.

*”Animist”- One who knows they are a part of the sacred Web of Life

*Animist Soul Medic- . An Animist who is committed to utilizing their skills to hold sacred space for their Earth Honoring Kin using peer-to-peer tools (see below).  An Animist Soul Medic is capable of holding space for those in need of spiritual support due to living in the dominant culture and in challenging life situations. Trained Animist Soul Medics utilize spiritual tools and ceremonies for clearing and balancing within Self and Communities.  

*We use the words “shamanic” healing arts to describe the intuitive and visionary tools, available to all cultures, that help to guide us in this living world. Included are the shamanic journey, revelation through trance, divination, dreams, intuition and dialog with “Nature”. There are many varieties and faces of these practices, yet similar threads run through cultures of the Human tribes. In our FULL CIRCLE practice, while guidance and training is handed down to us by our living human elders, we are taught the specifics of our personal practice by the guides and ancestors through our connection to our shamanic and dreaming mind. 




 Animist Soul Medic training takes place over three weekends. Upcoming offerings of these weekends (see below) take place in Tucson, AZ.

The three weekend version of this training can be conducted in any place that requests it (contact Quynn) and can be offered as a 1 week intensive. 


Each weekend is self-contained with 5 subject areas that can assist Earth Honoring People through challenging times. You can complete Weekend 1  alone, or complete Weekend 1 and 2, but when you complete the series of 3 weekends, you will be considered a Web of Life Animist Soul Medic and a member of the emerging Animist Healing Guild of Web of Life Soul Medics, Practitioners (Nature Guardians) and Ministers (Spirit Bridges).
Upon successful completion of program, the graduate can apply to participate in the Web of Life Animist Minister Program.
This training is open to those who are already trained in a modality of healing in a community that needs support.
Weekend Dates (Locations TBA): Saturday 10am-3pm (includes breaks) and Sunday, 10am-2pm
Weekend One is offered two times: (pick one that works for you)
Weekend One in Tucson- October 7-8
Weekend One in TUCSON- January 6-7
Weekend Two is offered one time:
Weekend Two in TUCSON-February 17-18
Weekend Three is offered once:
Weekend Three in TUCSON-April 7-8
These training weekends approach the following subjects with Spirit World consultation, Role Play Experiencing, Discussion, Sacred Space and Ceremony Creation, and Visioning.



During Weekend One we will address:
1.                              Animist Reality Awareness-The Web of Life includes All
2.                                Unique needs for Animist People-The art of “Holding Space”
3.                                The Trauma of encountering Hate- Remaining Calm is a Revolutionary Act
4.                                Grounding, Clearing and Balancing as Spiritual Maintenence
5.                              We are a People-Empowering Diversity of Colors, Genders, Cultures
During Weekend Two we will address:
1.                              Physical and Spirit World Protection with Animist Ancestors
2.                             The “beginning” and “end” of Life, Death and in Between
3.                                Drum, Rattle and Song Reclamation (Traveling and Healing with Sound)
4.                                Crazy Wisdom- Inner Voices, Visions, Visitations Support
5.                                Compassionate Listening- Holding Space with Trauma, PTSD
During Weekend Three we will address:
1                                Personal Protection, Boundaries and Self-Care
2                              Unburdening-Facilitating Soul Renewal and Ancestral Healing
3                             The Power of BEAUTY-Sharing Offerings, Prayers and Blessings
4                             Dispelling Colonized Mind and the Spiritual Sides of Sickness
5                            Altered States and Multiple Realities Navigation Support
For those committed to all three weekends, participants will be guided to independently explore given exercises about the subjects presented. Sharing is available in a private online forum. 


Questions? Here is a Q and A!


Thank you for facilitating the magic that happens when people gather honoring spirit.


*This Training emphasizes our Animist worldview and shamanic understanding, including offering respect and being open to communication with: animals, elements, plants, trees, spirit world, dream world, intuition, ancestors, spirit guides, other humans, and sacred self.  This path honors diversity in our human family, and that there are many ways to interact with the living worlds. Genders, in all expressions, are an important aspect of the Web of Life. 



Each weekend training is offered by SPIRIT GUIDED DONATION ($$$$, equitable barter or combo accepted- Talk with Quynn for details)   (Standard donation for this training is sliding scale $100-$300)


Donations support Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church and an additional nonprofit of group choice.

There is a 6 month ONLINE version of this training- Find out more HERE

Also available- FULL CIRCLE Shamana-Introductory Healing Practitioner Training in Tucson.


“I would recommend this training to anyone seeking to develop their intuitive arts.  We all have gifts or talents in this area and Quynn is so adept at helping us to realize this.  The sessions gave us many opportunities to practice and develop our skills.  Quynn facilitates sessions that are respectful, safe and supportive of all participants.  They are quite affordable and so worthwhile.”



Interested in going forward?!  Please make sure you have~

1) Training in at least one healing modality (Reiki, massage, yoga, EMDR, SE, Expressive Arts Therapy, Herbalism etc)

2) Confidence in your journeying/meditative process. Need practice? There are many mp3 options for learning. Find them HERE.


Contact Quynn with any Questions and to Register~ (quynn@shamanicanimism(dot)com)


This training was created by, and is hosted by, Quynn Red Mountain, OOlah (One Who Balances), Animist Minister of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church, Shamanic Practitioner, founder of theInstitute of the Shamanic Arts, author and media producer. Quynn was called to the shamanic path while she was in her 20’s, and has worked with many people in individual and group settings for the last 20 years. 


This program is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media 2017