Access Inner Teachers Workshop

Shamanic Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. 2 journeys/1 guided meditation. 60 minutes.

Explore your inner worlds, find spiritual helpers and understand yourself more fully by embarking on the adventure called The Shamanic Journey.  While listening to the consistent rhythm of a drum, the gateway to one’s Dreaming Mind is opened, allowing access between the worlds of consciousness, while one is ‘awake’.  This ancient form of Spirit Traveling is available to people of all cultures and is a natural ability of Humans.

This experiential workshop guides each person to connect with their own personal Spirit World, which is also connected with the vast consciousness of all Life.  Ask a question, set an intention, be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides. The drumbeats will part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.  As you get comfortable opening your mind with the drumbeats, you will notice many things, and your senses come alive in a fantastical way. A Shamanic Person told Quynn long ago, “You have all the teachers you need inside, you just need to learn how to ask them for help.”

You will have the opportunity to experience two drum sessions, one guided meditation, and receive instruction about the process of “journeying”.

This workshop is a great starter for anyone ready to utilize this amazing self-reflection tool.  The best way to improve your ability to access your Inner Teachers is to PRACTICE !

Those with all levels of shamanic journeying experience are welcome.