Love and Inner Lovers Workshop

Now is a perfect time to dive into the deep and complicated subject of LOVE. In this circle there will be two drum journeys. The first journey will be for messages of LOVE, heart healing, familial love, romantic love…whatever wants to come thru for you. The second journey is to engage with, meet, or gain information about spirit helpers who want to connect with you in a loving way.

Whether single or partnered, monogamous or polyamorous in the physical world, you may have one or more lovers in your spirit world who are waiting for you, who have a special message for you. You might experience intimacy with someone inside, or you get in touch with a mentor who has assistance for you in the area of love, intimacy, and partnership. Come and explore this area of life that is often shut away. Quynn has had such experiences and she is looking forward to this circle to share a bit personally, as well as cultural stories of these not so uncommon occurances.