Passing Through to Wholeness Workshop

Passing Through to Wholeness-A DNA Healing Workshop

Quynn created this workshop based on her history of anxiety about being “found out and taken away” for a variety of reasons, her family experience (shared in the workshop), and her work with thousands of people over 20 years. This recording was made in January of 2016 after 45 was put in office as President of the United States and over 50% of American white women voted for him. Quynn feels that the intense desire of people with white privilege to defend it is related to their internalized fears around being “found out and punished”, so they try to stay aligned with the dominant group, and “Hide in Plain Sight” if they can. This workshop is for anyone who is ready to dig deep and learn more about why they feel nervous, anxious and fearful about being their true Selves, so that we can become free of the desire to Hide. Only as we heal our painful past can we become true allies to our own Soul, our Ancestry, and our Human Kin who cannot pass in this culture driven by white, christian and hetero supremacy.

As always, take what applies to you, and leave the rest. This is a process of discovery and healing over many generations.

In every culture, throughout time, stressful situations have caused people to do things that they would not normally do, or otherwise choose to do, to survive. These choices become embedded in their DNA, and the remnants are passed down into our DNA, memories, and behaviors. In this shamanic circle we will focus on one form of behavorial survival, our own… as well as our ancestor’s… that may be holding us back from our full potential NOW. This behavior is often called “Passing”.

Passing- Passing is the ability of a person to be regarded as a member of social groups other than his or her own, such as a different race, ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation, intelligence, spiritual/religious identity and/or disability status, generally with the purpose of gaining social acceptance or to avoid persecution/retaliation. (

This is not an easy subject to ponder. Many of our ancestors needed to “pass” in one way or another, and because they did, we are here today. We can honor their choices, and break the bonds of fear and hiding. Looking at this behavior and how we too may manifest it, may bring up many kinds of feelings, yet as we can lovingly accept our past reasons for “passing”, and honestly come to terms with how and why we still do “pass”, we can live more fully as our whole self.

This circle offers a guided meditation and drum journey to explore the ways in which we “pass”, and our family members have passed in the past. The purpose is not to beat ourselves up, or to necessarily drop this behavior immediately in a way that will cause ourselves social harm. The purpose of this circle is to honor our ancestor’s choices, and to learn more about our true self NOW.