Raven’s Circle

Journey with the Moon Cycles in Raven’s Circle-

A Year of monthly and seasonal mp3 Shamanic Journeys, Clearings and Meditations with Quynn Red Mountain
Raven flies with the seasons and talks with the moon.
Raven is Quynn’s closest ally, and Raven wants to journey with you (and so does Q!).

This premium monthly audio series guides you to track your life through each moon (Full and Dark/New) and the 8 Sacred Day of the Year (Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter Days). Spirit travel with your Animist Ancestors and Spirit Allies as you ride Quynn’s drum, rattle and guiding words!  Explore your personal powers and clear what is ready to fall away, with the spiritual support of Quynn and her Raven. Stay connected to the moon energies and the turn of the seasons with the power of these monthly Shamanic drum and guided imagination journeys.




1) Each Dark/New and Full Moon of the year you will receive an mp3 with Quynn’s thoughts, prayerful intention and self-reflective experiences (drum/rattle journeys and/or guided meditation) regarding the cycle of the moment.  Your journey is approximately 20 minutes long. Each moon of every season, let Quynn guide you into the lands of your dreams and your visions for the messages of the moment. Fly with Quynn’s drum as she guides you to that which wants to be released and activated for this moon. Listen at your convenience in the comfortable and safe surrounding of your choice.


2) Members receive a link to participate in 8 live Shamanic journey circles hosted by Quynn (approximately 1 hour with two drum journeys). One for each of the Sacred 8 Days of the year of membership. Quynn guides the intention for each journey for each participant to receive messages they need most. The drum focuses our gratitude and intentions for the season past and the season to come.  (Anyone can join these circles for sliding scale $5-$20)

3) Members receive the download link for each recorded journey circle throughout the year. Listen at your convenience. 


Your online offerings are great!  
You are an amazing teacher and facilitator, thank you for the opportunity to connect in this way!


Simple delivery!  
Moon audio mp3s are sent by email.
Download links are sent for Sacred Days recorded mp3s.


I was amazed at how clear and three dimensional the sound was. It felt like you were right there next to me! Your guidance was comforting and relaxing. At the end I felt very refreshed and inspired.

Join anytime for $10 a month (for 12 months) and start exploring your journey!
Or save by joining for 12 months of audio journeys for only $99! (Best deal!)

2018 Sign Up SPECIAL!

Sign up for a year and receive a link (in your email receipt of purchase) to download Quynn’s mp3 4 pack of Spiritual Support-
“Joy Restoration”  (30 minute mp3 workshop includes a guided meditation and drum journey with Quynn)
“Attitude of Gratitude” (9 minute Drum Journey with Quynn)
“Connecting with Tree Energy” (18 minute Guided Meditation with Quynn)
“Clearing Your Energy Body for JOY” (15 minute Guided Meditation with Quynn)


The various journeys and guided meditations available here are amazing and I want to thank you for providing this extensive resource. It’s truly making a difference in my life, attuning me to my guides as well as to my own intuitive wisdom.  Again, thank you so very much!


By becoming a member of Raven’s Circle, you support Earth Web Media and the Web Of Life Animist Church in its mission to educate and empower those who Love the Earth and all of its Inhabitants.  Thank you!!!
Need an Introduction to the Shamanic Journey? Start HERE.


This journey was very expansive, I was in a dizzy daze when I was about to slip through. I’m amazed at the quality of the sound on these digital files. It was as if I was there right next to Quynn drumming in the twilight. I slipped right in…..



All segments are created by Shamanic Practitioner and Animist Minister Quynn Red Mountain.  Each segment is recorded by Quynn, in her own voice. She shares her knowledge and journey ideas with you, she drums and rattles for you as you enter your inner world for personal healing, spiritual expansion, and shamanic training.   Quynn wants you to progress in your life using shamanic practices, and she is here to help you do it!