Soul Retrieval and Restoration Workshop

Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. 2 journeys/1 guided meditation. 60 minutes.

Retrieve Soul Parts, Mend Soul Wounds and Tend Soul Loss with the Shamanic Journey

If you feel there is a lack or block to feeling your full Power…the time is NOW to tend it. No time to wait for a magical healer to fix it. You and your guides know how. In this workshop we will explore and practice techniques for “soul retrieval”, the process of reconnecting with parts of your soul that have been altered, or have separated, due to trauma, neglect and pain in the past of your life, as well as in your DNA past (ancestral experiences). Use this workshop to be your own healing facilitator and gather the help you need.

“Healing comes from within, so it is time to gather yourself all together for this sacred purpose. The world needs you!”

Guided meditation, divination and the shamanic journey will be the tools used for this process. No shamanic experience needed, and each of the journey experiences will be focused on what each participant needs most in their life at this moment.

Those with all levels of shamanic journeying experience are welcome.