The Drum as your Guide

Workshop length:  52:26.  Recorded in 2018

Let the Drum guide you. Ask and you shall receive. For this workshop, the drum itself is your guide.

The ancient combination of consistent rhythm, a focused intention and a sense of expectancy has always aided humans in connecting with our inner worlds and the natural world around us. Every human has such abilities, and with encouragement, and a bit of instruction, it is amazing what can come forth for the journeyer!

This workshop is an introduction to the experience we now call “The Spirit World Journey”, and can also be a good introduction to Quynn’s process of journeying. You will learn this process and apply it to your own personal needs. You will receive personal instruction about what to expect and how to make the most of your experience. Quynn will drum for you as you practice entering your Spirit World and connecting with animal, ancestral and spiritual Allies.

Most of us have questions about our Soul’s path, relationships and health. These questions (or any other question) can be the focused intentions for your journeys, and your sense of expectancy is the bridge between the guides who have always been with you (even if you have not yet formally met). All people of all ancient tribes have this birthright! Come claim yours… You deserve helpful input about your questions! You have the ability to receive information from those who care for you. You have a tribe of helpers waiting to communicate with you!

Join Quynn Red Mountain, shamanic practitioner and founder of Intuitive Shamanic Animists, for this opportunity for journeying, divination and sharing our collective wisdom. We all learn from each other, and yet each person’s experience is their own. This workshop is perfect for those who are ready to have a shamanic journeying experience, and it is perfect for anyone who is interested and curious to dive in to your inner worlds, even if it is for the first time. All of us have experience with dreams, altered states and meditation. The drum journey has its unique way of accessing helpful information, so come play in a safe circle, with no dogma, yet many fascinating tales!