Your Greatest Gift-Exploring your Spiritual Abilities

Shamanic Workshop with Quynn. Recorded as live. 2 journeys/2 guided meditations. 60 minutes.

Shamanic Workshop-Explore your Spiritual and Sacred Abilities

Your Intuitive Gifts are already inside you, whispering and waiting for you to give them your attention. They are ready to come forth.

As we listen within, our spiritual, intuitive and sacred* (those gifts that help make the world a better place) abilities are revealed, and we are asked to act. Exploring our gifts and callings is a learned skill. Our ancestors were taught, and practiced, such skills because it was for their greatest good to do so.

Our people have come through an unfortunate time of being actively and purposefully discouraged from listening within.  Now is the time for each sacred person to more clearly bring forth their spiritual/sacred abilities. The more activated we each are, the better we all are for the greatest good.

The method of this workshop is that guidance comes from your inner world. Quynn will guide the process with shamanic tools, so the wisdom can come through from within. Participants will use techniques to hone your understanding about what is already inside you, ready to come forth.  This workshop is for those who feel called to develop your healing/helping/spiritual arts side, and are honing your ability to listen, understand, and act, regarding your Greatest Gifts from Spirit. There are many forms of spiritual gifts, many modalities and methods, and all are important.  The most important part of this workshop is that you come to feel more clear as to the nature of your gifts, how to feel connected with them, and how to share them with the world more effectively.

There will be an introduction by Quynn, a guided meditation, then two drum journeys, and finally one more guided meditation.

Those with all levels of shamanic journeying experience are welcome.