Sensorium for Kids Update

IMG_8526It’s Sunday afternoon and children are laughing as they are surrounded by an oasis of fairy delight.

Perhaps you are thinking, “Hey, my family should be there!”

Yes, you are right!

It’s called Sensorium for Kids.

It is time for your children learn to breathe, go within, find out about nourishing themselves, connect to their intuitive sides, play, laugh, be shy if they want to, give gratitude, appreciate life, sing, create, and really be kids.

Sensorium for Kids has a new spot and a lovely Fairy House that we have begun meeting at for this season. We have had two exciting and family fun filled times so far.

Our first meeting was about the practice of Souling. Before “trick-or-treating” there was souling. For souling, children sang a song and promised to pray for souls that had passed on. In exchange, children received a soul cake. We ate soul cakes and gave blessings to our new place and our fairy tree.

Recently, we met and helped send love to wolves and coyotes. This was for Sensorium for Kids-Wolves and Coyotes. Wolves and coyotes are two misunderstood animals and we wanted to fill our own hearts with love that we could share with wolves and coyotes and others.

We look forward to our next adventure on December 15th at 12:00 p.m. You can email for more details.

If you would like to find out more about Sensorium for Kids, please see:


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