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We have all heard the song Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer, but do you know how reindeer and Santa became such good friends?

In 1824, Clement C. Moore wrote a poem called Twas the Night Before Christmas. This poem linked reindeer and Santa Claus. Then in 1939, Robert L. May wrote the poem Rudolph the Red Nosed-Reindeer. This poem was later put to music.

As an animal guide, reindeer represent family and having the courage to move into a new direction. They are resourceful, good communicators, and good at adapting.  Reindeer are the perfect spirit guides to call on when you are trying out new things, need help communicating with your family, or need some extra confidence.

Now listen in as Elisabeth Black from Sensorium for Kids shares more about Rudolph and his special friend, Bells the Elf.



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After you are finished listening, make your own Magic Reindeer Dust.

Magic Reindeer Dust

1 special container to hold your dust (I like empty tea boxes that I decorate)

some oatmeal to fill your container

flower petals that you have collected and dried (crush them up)

Put the oatmeal and the flower petals in your container. Say special blessings for all  reindeer and for Rudolph.

Here is a little poem to go with your Magic Reindeer Dust-

Sprinkle this tonight.

As the moon and stars shine bright.

Santa’s reindeer fly and roam and

this Magic Reindeer dust will lead them to your home!





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