Shaman and Nature

972116_10201924859591408_546044102_nImagine that it is early evening. You have gathered with a group of like minded individuals and are preparing to hike down into the canyon. A young roadrunner darts across the pavement searching for insects. What does the totem animal roadrunner symbolize? You study its graceful movements and think of opportunities and being ready to move toward them with speed and agility just like a roadrunner.

The sun creates a glowing backdrop among the dark storm clouds and you wonder if it will rain tonight. The mountains surround the landscape emanating ageless wisdom and a protective energy. You are being guided into the world of nature where it isn’t always love and light but it is a powerfully self-reckoning, grounding, nourishing, and healing environment.

 Nature is a teacher and wise sage that beckons to all of us.

 Being in the city day in and day out, filling ourselves with electromagnetic waves, working jobs that aren’t always rewarding, and playing the life game can be draining.

 Our souls long for more. They hark back to a time when our tribe gathered round under the trees celebrating, sharing gratitude, connecting with the seasons, rejoicing with our spiritual reverence, and shifting through our soul work.

 Here are some beautiful reflections that nature inspired from our shamanic friend Cynthia Maria Orcutt:

Going up to the Canyon tonight to appreciate Great Spirit & all His splendor! There is something so magnificient about the essence and silence of Nature that brings such nourishment to my soul… Nature

Wading in the water as such; a healing delight. It felt as though we had slipped into another dimension; the beauty of it all so magnificent. The winds flew in from every direction, as owl and bat joined us. The flashes of lightening through out the canyon were subtle, yet very present in all their glory. The love of Great Spirit pervaded and reigned supreme in our hearts. As rainbow colors surrounded the moon; shinning themselves through the translucent clouds, I felt as one with all the stars, and all of nature, and all of life. Nothing short of Heaven on Earth.

 Ancient stone people cradle you in their warmth and insights. Animals like a big toad, moths, bats, coyotes, and owl offer their healing vibrations. The trees and plants breathe with us.

 Nature is here as our consciousness shifts.


A shamanic nature journey is shared by our anonymous friend (inner dialog style):

 You wanna open your eyes and talk to these people?

(His face is all scrunched up and his eyes are shut real tight.)

It’s what you wanna do, now, isn’t it?   To open your eyes and talk to these people?

Yeah, okay, I guess…..   So why dont we come up here all the time?

Why don’t you tell me why we don’t?

We’re always scared down there in the city because we always have to do all our stuff and take care of all our business…..     We have lots of work we have to do…..

But this “work” that we’re doing up here is a really good kind of work, isn’t it?


What’s good about this kind of work?

This is the really brave kind of work that lets other people see what’s really going on inside of everybody and why everybody seems to be hurting so much, and it also shows them how to do this for themselves….

Yeah, that sounds like really good work to do….  

 Goodbye…   I really love talking to you….

Me too…    Ok, bye.

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts offers you opportunities to be in nature and fulfill your spiritual growth on many different levels. There are group activities for drumming, journeys, and connecting with the fabulous world of Nature that surrounds us.

 In the autumn, Quynn Red Mountain will present opportunities for small group/individual nature “sessions”, time alone in a rustic natural environment, with Quynn nearby. These overnight sessions will offer the chance to go deeper into your spirit world in a more personal way. Stay tuned to for more information about these special get-aways, or email Quynn Red Mountain through this website.





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