Shamanic Arts

Welcome to the Living World of Shamanic Animism!
Connect with the web of life around you and the multiple worlds within you!

Walk the Path of “Shamana”.
Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to experience emotional and spiritual healing.
Now, you can learn how the shamanic journey can help you explore your Inner World and Heal Your Soul

Sharing Sacred Time and Sacred Space with Sacred People
Shamanic practice and Earth Stewardship cared for our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. Our world is now ready for the Shamanic Renaissance to emerge strong and peaceful…so we can learn to work together in a modern magical world.

Consider this…
*No matter where you come from, you are a member of the many Earth Tribes and you have natural intuitive abilities.

*As each person re-connects with their Sacred Nature, the shamanic worlds come alive in the world today. This helps re-establish needed balance.

Connecting with the Shamanic Journey help humans:
-Receive Healing
-Get answers
-Remember connections
-Hear what must be done

The Shamanic Arts will help you…
Feel Balanced and Centered
Trust your Instincts
Increase your Intuitive Abilities
Connect with the Natural World

Intuition, Dreams, Trance, Art, Dance, Spirit World, Rhythm, Altered States, Visions, Shamana!

The magical nature of our world has never stopped.
As a culture, we have been taught to stop listening.
Through the Shamanic Arts we can remember how to listen again,
and explore ways to co-create ecstacy for the healing of this Earth.
As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.
As we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves

People seek to shamanize when we need answers we cannot get in other ways.
Our world needs us to listen to the wisdom of our guides and guardians.
Shaman World is here to help you remember how to listen.

The flute song below is played by Dee Owl Woman at a shamanic journey circle in Sabino Canyon , AZ.  Drum by Jacob.

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The following is a description of a journey by Patricia in a past journeying circle.

The Journey.
“There was no prelude. I was instantly in the middle of a fire.. I WAS the fire.
It was as if I was transformed into my elemental nature.
I was a beacon fire on a small island in the middle of a huge lake, surrounded by a lush forest. A fire spirit who loves water… Go figure.
As I danced, like fire does, a voice was talking to me about who and what I am.
People have been trying to contain me or put me out all my life. I’ve always been interested in unusual things and love to explore, in body, mind and spirit.
I was told that this threatens a lot of people. It challenges the status quo and shines light on things that some want kept in the dark. This is considered dangerous by more people than we’d like to think.
This was a revelation. All the name calling, dirty looks and outright abuse I took and still put up with today makes sense… sort of.
Why do people fear change? Change is good and necessary for growth.
The water in the lake began to slowly swirl around my island.
The voice told me that for all the people I repulsed and frightened, there were some that saw the beacon fire. Some, who were already tending their own fires, acknowledged it and exchanged spiritual fuel. Some took sparks and made their own.
As this was being said, small lights were coming from the forest to the water’s edge. It was like a swarm of fireflies. They went into the water and started swirling toward my island. As they came to shore, the small fires merged into me and we became a massive need fire. It was as if we were calling to the stars themselves for help. Why have the humans abandoned their intuition, their inner wisdom? The spirits are calling to whoever will listen and asking for spiritual warriors to battle the madness.
Keep the beacon fires burning! Be true to your nature and your inner joy/wisdom will attract others. Too many people are lost within their own skin and the latest “happy” pill won’t help.
I am what I am and it’s a good thing.
I was told this a long time ago and I forgot.. I think I’ll remember this time.”

Connect with your Inner World NOW with shamanic workshops!  


As you enter this reality, know that this world belongs to You! So, enjoy your quest…

Welcome to your Inner World!

The power of Shamana
shows you how to find
that you can go anywhere
with the power of your mind.

This thing we call Imagination
has been on the decline
because we think what happens there is “only in our mind”.
But the power to imagine
can take us near and far
to all the dreamlike places-
where our helpers are.

Go there, Come back.
Listen to what they say.
Bring back healing love notes
that inspire us to pray
for health, peace and balance
in ourselves and within our tribe.
When we balance ourselves, our spirit worlds speak
and all life on this planet thrives.
Poem by Quynn